Unification News for March 2003

Joong Nam

by David Young

My trip to Korea was the most transforming experience that I have had. It really put things in perspective for me. When I was told I was to go Korea I didnít really take it so seriously, I just thought I would be going to help achieve the 2,400 members that Father requested.

When we got on the plane I was surprised that there were so many members on the plane that we were on. When we arrived at Chung Pyung I felt very excited. Also I could feel a feeling of togetherness that comforted you and I realized how much this mobilization meant to God and to Father. This was the most important part of the providence that has occurred and we had to devote ourselves fully to accomplish an acceptable offering to God.

The time at Chung Pyung was truly a big reunion of the members. I was so glad to see my dad happy to see his old friends from MFT and from all sorts of places. The feeling at Chung Pyung was truly a feeling of love from all around. I got really attached to Chung Pyung.

Went I went to climb the mountain at Chung Pyung I stopped at all of the sacred trees. There were always people praying at each tree some were just giving light prayers but there were others who prayed with tears flowing freely. I was moved so much at the sight and I thought of how sad God must be to see all of the troubles of the world and then I thought if we learn to look at the world from Godís point of view that our own problems seem smaller compared to the global view.

I continued up the mountain and I loved the view that you could see up there. You could see the area where Fatherís palace is to be built. The view was wondrous and awe inspiring. I could have stayed there all day and look at the beautiful view but it was time that I start heading down.

The rest of the week was great. People were getting sick though, some people got it really bad but I was OK. I enjoyed Ansu though, the second time the person was really pounding away at me but I loved the excitement that was in the room and I supposed that spiritually it must have been a great thing to see. When the last day arrived I didnít want to leave. I was so attached to the place but I knew the responsibility that we had and I had to really focus all of my energy into our next mission and then a feeling a great warmth and satisfaction surrounded me and I thought that spirits were all around me helping and encouraging me to go forward to my town. I was glad.

That morning all the BCs were to meet. There were many elder Second Generation there like 20 or 30 years old. I also saw some 3rd generation there. The elder 2nd generation gave a marvelous speech on what to expect when we got to our towns it and gave me a lot of inspiration to go out and do my best for this providence. That meeting really moved me to see all the 2nd generation there in such great unity and I thought that we must prepare ourselves to take the lead in the providence when the 1st generations have to go to the spirit world.

The town that we arrived in was a city a little smaller that Columbus. I was so surprised to see little children playing in the streets by themselves and I felt that this place seems so safe though in the US an area that looked like this you always had to be on guard. We received a very warm welcome upon our arrival. A lot of grandmas kept on rubbing my cheek together like I was a baby so that was a different experience. One of the BCs was our translator there since she had lived there for seven years so that was very fortunate.

There were four other BCs in my group, three were 18 (two of them were matched which was very cool) and there was one that was 13 but she didnít talk to any one so I didnít get to know her to well. There were about 20 of us in the church center (which was also the pastorís home) and we all became very close.

The first day we went witnessing to invite people to these rallies that we would hold. I enjoyed it a lot and I felt really connected to the Korean people. We actually only did about two half days of witnessing. But we still had a full house at every rally and I realize that we were just there to connect to the Korean heart and set the condition for North and South Korea to be unified. It was sad to see that some members couldnít see that we were there to connect to the people not so much to witness so they complained a lot. Yeah, I mean it wasnít organized and we were just kind of moved around but I thought it was just amazing that Father could make so many people feel loved with what he had to work with. I mean we couldnít speak Korean but we helped the churches there to hold these rallies that they wouldnít have been able to do without our donations and they took care of us even though many of us got sick they took great care of us and showed true love to us. I felt so loved and appreciated.

When we had to leave it as if my heart would break. I held the tears that I felt upon leaving my group, which had become my family and the pastorís family, which tended to our needs like parents to their children. I had pleaded with my dad to allow me to stay but my ticket wasnít negotiable and sadness filled my soul. I made a promise to myself that I would come back one day and we would all meet again but that was for the future and I had work to do in America.

The experiences that I gained at Korea left an everlasting impression on me and will never ever forget it.

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