Unification News for March 2003

Jin-A School Expanding

by Merlyn Velasco

Jin-A is in its sixteenth years operation as a licensed and certified childcare center and has pioneered incredible milestones in children’s education. Over 30 to50 children have graduated from Jin-A every year. New hope has also been expanding from 1st grade to 8th grade which re-located to 780 Clifton Ave. NJ 07013. New Hope school has been renamed by our True Parents as Pyung Hwa School. Jin-A also provides a broad cultural and educational program including ballet dance, little scientist, piano lesson and other lessons depending on children’s interest.

With the excellent foundation of caring and learning received, Jin-A graduates go on to excel in their elementary schools. Still, graduates feel a deep connection and love for this special place and friendship which began at Jin-A and continues throughout the years.

This year again children from Jin-A Child Care Center went to spread holiday cheer to city hall, in appreciation for the city of Clifton. A group of 21 four and five years old sang Christmas carols for city workers including the mayor and city employee. The mayor looked forward to their coming and gave each child a coloring book in exchange for Christmas ornaments that our children wonderfully made to decorate the city Christmas tree.

After the caroling, some children visited the firehouse station #4. Our children curiously observed and happily explored the fire truck and the uniform of our fireman. One of the firemen explained to our children about their uniform and what they do when there is a fire.

If you are looking to place your children for this coming school year, Jin-A and New Hope School are accepting new enrollee. Our school is giving some financial help for all those qualified applicant. If you are interested to work in the field of education please call or send your resume to Jin-A Child Care Center. Please come and visit us!

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