Unification News for March 2003

IIFWP: Middle East Peace Initiative - Beyond Co-Existence Toward a New Culture of Peace

The IIFWP Middle East Peace Initiative -- held in Washington, DC, March 1, 2003 -- was a unique, challenging, and glorious encounter among leaders from a wide array of disciplines (religion, politics, media, United Nations, and more), from all religions of the region, and from 40 nations.

The sessions often erupted into flare-ups among participants who brought with them the deep emotional and historical challenges of the region. By the grace of God and the unifying power of True Parent's vision these challenging moments never rent the fabric of unity, nor clouded our shared dream for peace.

On the second evening, after dinner, brothers and sisters sang and celebrated together. Above, the Israeli delegation made up of people usually presumed to be at war with one another, showed deep love and abiding unity. They revealed in the present, the future world we seek to build. Their beauty gave hope and brought many to tears.

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