Unification News for March 2003

New CD: Tribal Rock Rollin Heart

by Chris Bihary

After working for over a year on my first musical CD, with the help of my tribal families, I am releasing a CD with nine original songs. These songs were written with direct spiritual world help. I would wake in early morning hours between 2 and 4 AM and pray about what I was going through, then sitting down at my computer and typing out these songs. The words would fly off my thoughts through my finger tips on to the screen. I would then go back to sleep.

Thank this age for computer spell checks. I would edit only very little of these songs. The music would come, and then some time later between three and six months I would write the music, usually at my hometown flower stand. I would be playing my guitar and then the tune would come and that would be that. My hometown flower stand would also be my supportive source for the studio time and processing fees. In the many years of hometown activity I have blessed many rock and roll families and friends. I have helped produce a copulation CD of their bands a few years ago being the photographer and mentor for their studio challenge. On my adventure they helped me to do my best. Two of the songs were written after the April Clergy Blessing, the others were written with in the last three years. I needed two more songs for this CD when these were written, at that time both words and music were in my dream for these songs. I wrote them down very quickly, Cosmic Alignment Day and True Children of God.

After writing these songs and going to the studio and cutting them with in one session, I again went in prayer to spiritual world for permission for release of this CD. There as a few months before I was in front of a spiritual council which directed me for more prayer and offering of these songs. This CD adventure was very ancestrally involved in its release. I am happy to announce this. I have offered thanks to them in writing and all assistance in this adventure. The songs reflect both the spiritual path of a Blessed family and that in which a spirit warrior of True Spirit must go. For information of this CD, I can be reached at chrisbihary@aol.com or 440-639-8775, also I will include the rock review from the local newspaper in full. The tribal hometown families in support of the CD, I wish to thank them all for everything.

I used these pictures on my CD. The cover and title of the CD "You ask me to Dance" is from the first song With Hear as I go. Being known historically as a master dancer, this was the course of this CD. I used the picture from Cheong Pyong in Korea at the top of Holy Ground. As with many things I got permission form SW for setting up the order and arrangements. In a way I have been told that this CD is very lecture like in style, in that it gives a lesson of Heart and Principle. That was my intention in doing so. So not only now I am know in my hometown as the Holy Flower man but also now becoming the Spiritual Music Man. With in the last four months As Cheong Il Guk family activity the whole family has been going out to musician writer nights, at different restaurants. Here on these night I have been playing to many I have played with for these last several years. I am getting great reviews in the musical county newspaper and so not only my spiritual music but the whole family is stage one of heart and love. So as the title songs goes, "With Heart as I go" the family will be living in the Kingdom of LOVE.

In the review it states "Bihary express himself as only he can…the sense of family and love, is over abundant… He has taken his lyrically magical original compositions and immortalized them for future generations… A very spiritual foundation the songs on this CD contain the building blocks of LOVE, Peace, Joy, Family, and all good things this world and the world beyond have to offer… a true sense of family and unity radiates from this product… Many aspects of this CD are beyond words. A musical montage of nine delicately crafted heartfelt images transformed into a maelstrom of lyrical and musical arrangements resulting in a genuinely unique and personal look into the soul of an artist, gentleman, father, and husband. BUT ABOVE all the CD mirrors the inner most enlightenment Bihary has found and embraced, which is quite frankly inspirational. As long as this keeper of all things good remains true to him self all the riches one could want will be bestowed upon him, not in monetary value necessarily, but riches that many people search a lifetime for… and that is PEACE."

In this local review after I read it I was in tears of love over the amount of time and prayer I have put into this tribal project. The many times of testifying and going the heartfelt way to be the example of Cheong Il Guk is the example of community heart. I sense this as the music of this effort is now being embraced through out my hometown. But as John the Baptist said once… but now is the time to march forward and continue to live in the expansion of Tribal Heart. As my son Joshua is now in Korea on Activities of CIG, he is also handing out CD’s. The local schools, teachers and friends, & newspapers are awaiting his return to put on cable TV his experiences and also in the local papers writing essays. Peace and kingdom building! Glory to God! And glory to True Parents!

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