Unification News for March 2003

Arts Workshop and Festival to be Held at UTS

by Akina Toffey

We are holding a Workshop and Festival at UTS (in Barrytown, NY). The date will be from March 28th (Friday) evening to March 30th (Sunday) morning.

The workshop is opened to all BC's age 14 and up. Although we are centering it on the arts (and developing the culture of Heart), we will be discussing issues that are pertinent to all Second Gen. (Such as life after STF, and personal missions).

The price is $65. To register, all you have to do is email us your name, snail-mail address, and phone number. Tell us if you will have any transportation issues, and if you want to sign up for entertainment. (If you wish to perform). As of now, we have no plans for any deadlines for registering. You will probably be able to show up on the 28th. However, many people are registering, so we might make a deadline. Also, it would be nice to know how many people to prepare for. so Sign up Now! You only have to send us your information. You can pay at the workshop.

We are also producing an Anthology/Journal called "Akinlan." This is the name that Hyo Jin Nim gave to the Unification Art Movement. We are currently accepting poetry, prose, song lyrics, essays, and visual artwork.

Email your writings and files to us. If you wish to submit visual artwork (paintings, drawings, photography, and sculpture) you can either scan the work and send that as a file, or take a picture of the work on a digital camera and then send the file. The deadline for that is March 10th. We would like to encourage anyone (First or Second Gen), who wants to write an essay (about topics such as personal missions, the arts, the Culture of Heart, etc).

If you have any questions, please email us at bcartsfest@hotmail.com.

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