Unification News for March 2003

"Bible-Answers Institute" Ushers In Divine Principle

by Rev. Curtis W. Walker -- Houston, TX

On the evening of Thursday, January 16, 2003, in a fantastically anointed Bible-study session, attendees of the Bible-Answers Institute (BAI) shouted "Hallelujah" as they, for the first time in their lives, came to clearly understand how Adam and Eve actually fell, and how Satan corrupted humanity's blood lineage.

The crackling energy and electricity that filled the room were palpable, as The Human Fall presentation came to a close. This was the twelfth (12th) study-group meeting, since our initial session of Wednesday, September 18, 2002.

Due to the unique challenges that come with instructing Christians, teaching the entire Divine Principle in a strict, Bible-study format (i.e., no chalk board; no slide show; no PowerPoint; only open Bibles and certain visual aids) takes time, patience, and skill. It's been an experience that I wouldn't trade for the world.

The brainchild of ICC Alumnus and ACLC activist Minister Mary H. Preston, the Institute is now four months old, and it continues to gain momentum under the Holy Spirit's anointing.

Minister Preston serves as Assistant Pastor for the Holy Cross Missionary Baptist Church, and she has, for years, dreamed of a forum through which she could introduce more and more of her conventional Christian friends and associates to the Principle.

On the day when my wife, Lori, and I sat down with her at her home, Minister Preston stated, "The Spirit has told me that it's time to launch a Bible Institute, Rev. Walker. And you are the one who Spirit told me will instruct it. Will you?"

You know what my answer was to that. Lori and I looked at each other for a split second. We both then looked at Minister Preston as I responded to her, "When shall we begin?"

As ACLC Outreach Director for Houston and Vicinity, Lori and I have a white-hot passion to reach Christian clergy and laity with True Parents' interpretation of the Holy Bible. Every DP lecturer knows that the Exposition of the Divine Principle text stands -- among other things -- as a commentary par excellence on the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures.

In essence, it is the commentary of commentaries, given directly by the Lord of the Second Coming, and presenting an irrefutable interpretation of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. As Rev. Kevin McCarthy states in his The Blood-Stained Voice -- Revealing God's Heart in a Christian World: "Today, armed with the clear vision of the Divine Principle, we are able to bring everything out into the light. We need not fear any knowledge. There is no circumstance that cannot be enlightened by the Divine Principle." (p. 166)

As the premiere ICC lecturer for the Texas region, from 1986 until the end of the ICC tours, I had the responsibility of readying the clergy for the teachings they would hear in Korea. All of Houston's ICC Alumni, as well as some Alumni from Dallas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas received preparatory DP lectures from me, prior to their Korea-Japan trip.

It was also my privilege to lead the follow-up work with the Alumni, after their return from Korea. As head of Houston's ICC Alumni Association, I had numerous opportunities to deal with the ministers' questions and objections.

Now, with the Bible-Answers Institute, my wife and I are able to work hand in hand with a courageous minister who has opened the doorway for True Parents' thought to begin taking hold within this city's congregations.

Prior to our most recent session, we had covered The Principle of Creation, The Consummation of Human History, and some major points dealing with The Change of Blood Lineage, and with the Christian sacrament of Holy Communion.

With The Human Fall now clarified, these Bible students are eager to study The Principle of Restoration Through Indemnity. Once this first class of BAI attendees understands The Mission of Jesus and The Second Coming of the Messiah, they will be positioned to help their respective pastors and church congregations to understand as well.

This is a great time to be alive and to be teaching the DP. Even as Lori and I prepare to travel to the Fatherland for the Chun IL Guk Blessing and Activities, the students of the Institute are praying for our safe journey and return. They're looking forward to more learning, as they experience the Scriptures coming alive to them with each session.

In addition to Minister Preston, Lori, and myself, regular attendees at the Institute include Rev. Michael Jerrols and his wife, Evangelist Georgia Jerrols; their 26-year-old son, James Jerrols; Evangelist Louise Williams; Mr. Jeriel D. Hobbs; and Mr. & Mrs. Leo & Katrina Durante.

As these Christians continue to understand and to embrace more and more of the Divine Principle content, God anoints them more and more strongly. They will eventually stand ready to join us in spreading the Messianic thought throughout the entire Body of Christ here in this city.

Even during the past few months, as Evangelist Louise Williams has spoken on more than one occasion at different churches around the city, she has included DP content in her deliveries, and she testifies to it whenever she can. This is also true for Evangelist Georgia Jerrols.

Thinking Christians are famished for "meat." They have had enough of "the milk of the Word." That "meat" is indeed the DP, and it is now being served by our True Parents. To Them be the glory, for the great things that They have done, are doing, and yet will do.

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