Unification News for March 2003

Father Addresses ACLC Clergy

Sun Myung Moon
March 1, 2003

This is from a speech given at the Sheraton National Hotel, DC, March 1, 2003. Notes by Rev. Michael Jenkins.

At the time of Adam there should have been the establishment of three generations, God as the first, Adam and Eve as the second and their children as the third. Thus, at the fall, God lost his grandchildren. At Jesus time he should have been received by Israel and welcomed. He should have been supported to find a bride and to have a family thus recreating God's lost grandchildren.

This all was restored through the Cheon Il Guk Blessing and Coronation of True Parents as king. This blessing was then given to all blessed couples throughout the world and upon this condition God could claim not only True Parents as the second generation (God being the first) but all True Family together with all Blessed Central Families in the 4th Adam's position and representing the third generation. Because of this condition Father could establish the Owners of Cheon Il Guk. Family King, Tribal King, National King and World King should be established by each family.

Before this the owner of the world is Satan. The ownership has been changed. God's family must be united centering on the Coronation of God and the Coronation of the King of Blessed Families. Now we are to inherit God's property and blessing. To do this we have to sever all attachments to the things of the past and offer them all to God. In the process God can then bequeath His inheritance to you. Always God's blessing to man was blocked by Satan's accusation. Satan could lay claim to everything. Thus the restoration course is to give up all property and then receive God's inheritance through the blessing of God. To do this we must also be engrafted into True Parents lineage. Until we secure God's sovereignty we must be willing to totally sacrifice ourselves and our spouses and children or otherwise Satan can lay claim.

This is why Father severed all attachments to any past ownership. Father took his and mother's name off of any ownership of anything and then at the end of last year in December, Father gave away all of his belongings to the Blessed Central Families. Father gave away 1320 items thus giving everything for Korea. Then Father made a condition for Korea, before the Cheon Il Guk blessing, of giving away all money. Father took a symbolic amount of money representing every penny he could gather and gave it all away to many organizations. This is the time that we shouldn't have any trace of ownership. This is similar to the time in the Old Testament in which the offering had to made completely. It had to be divided and completely offered. In the New Testament age the children of God were sacrificed centering on God's son Jesus. The Complete Testament age was that in which the parents are sacrificed. Now Blessed Central Families must take the fourth Adam's role and fulfill their parental responsibility.

All belongings should be offered to God at this time and then inherited back from God. This will eliminate any trace of Satan's connection. This must be done. When we offer we must offer everything, family, children and all things symbolically. They must be like a purified divided offering. To achieve this we must completely give all we have to God with our whole heart. If we try to keep them for ourselves or with self in mind they will still be linked to the Satanic dominion and will not be liberated.

With this heart toward God, achieving God's sovereignty is not difficult to achieve. That's why those blessed couples who are registered must connect with and eventually take dominion in their hometowns in the Fatherland.

This creates the condition for real hometown and real nation.

That's why True Parents have been investing all their heart and being and everything they have for the sake of the world. Because America represents the world, Father gave the most in this country. Especially the Christian clergy, you should understand. For 33 years Father poured everything into America. Now is the time for the harvest. The fruit is ready to be harvested in America.

If you clergy understand True Parents' dispensation then utilize the missionaries from Japan that I have sent to you. You must take care of them well and work with them. They represent the position of the Mother and the Holy Spirit. Each of you should take two Japanese missionaries into your home and care for them. The Archangel Lucifer stole Eve the Mother of mankind and destroyed God's ideal. That's why through them the clergy should set the condition to restore this. The clergy as Archangel should support the Mother and recreate the family together with the Mother by conducting the Blessing of Marriage in your church, community and so forth all the way until the whole nation of America receives the blessing.

By taking care of two missionaries representing the Holy Spirit a profound rebirth will occur in your congregation. The clergy should give more attention and love to the Japanese missionaries, restoring what the archangel did to Eve. By giving the missionaries True Love the congregation will then receive rebirth through them.

Remember 50 years ago. Japan and America were enemies. The white people of America still feel an enemy feeling toward the Japanese. How about the black people? Father feels that black people, and particularly, black leaders feel differently. They don't look at the Japanese as enemies. Therefore the black church can be the base through which God can work to bring rebirth. If you really embrace these missionaries then the Hispanic clergy and people are ready to follow. When you create a revival of black and Hispanic Christians that follow this way are whose congregations are experiencing rebirth, then the white Christians will follow. If you proclaim the messiah, do the blessings and embrace the missionaries. Then you must take your followers through the course of interracial marriage. By setting this condition and trend eventually it will become mainstream. Eventually the whole world will follow. If you can accommodate two Japanese missionaries in your home, so much fortune will come. They come in the position of Leah and Rachel. They will give rebirth to your congregation.

The black Christian church is supporting God's dispensation now. If you continue the Hispanic Christians will soon follow and then finally the white Christians will unite. The key are the clergy that are here. Black families should have in-laws from all other races. It has the significance of making unity between South and North and East and West. The crossing line to receive God's blessing is to cross the line of loving one's enemies. This is the basis by which you should love the Japanese missionaries and why they must sacrifice their families to love America.

Father heard that some black folks complained that Father took a good man like Bishop and married him outside of the black community. But Father is thinking only according to the law of loving one's enemy. Bishop, your children should marry children from other races. Particularly your children should marry white children. Raise them with that understanding.

Asians descended from Shem, Black people descended from Ham and white people from Japeth. Right now the descendants of Japeth are controlling everything by power. The era has now dawned in which the descendants of Ham must become the Elder Son or central position in all fields. This is the law of indemnity. This is the restoration of a heavenly order. At the time of Jesus, Shem's descendants were in control.

Now the Elder son's role must be restored. If black leaders continue to unite with the coming Lord then they will assume the central role as the Elder son. As the black leaders continue to unite they will become a powerful force for God. This will quickly draw in the unity of the Hispanic Christians and then the white Christians will follow. This is God's plan at this time.

With brotherly love alone you can't overcome the problems of the division of race and religion. Only through parental love can this be changed.

The parental heart must go forth, particularly for those who do the work of God in the field. Few can understand the base and value of the parental heart. You leaders must have the parental heart.

The sooner we take down the crosses, the sooner the Second Israel will rise to take ownership of its role. The Second Israel will prosper. You must build a Blessing movement and a movement to take down the cross and lift up the resurrection of Jesus. Then Jesus will be liberated.

Father is older now but his mind is stronger and clearer than ever. My mind has not changed even one tiny iota from the direction that I saw for America when I first came here in 1971. There is no change. Our direction is unchanging. We must go through the way of restoration through indemnity. Father's victory and accomplishment is so vast that what I believed has now been proven to be true. The way of indemnity is the way we must go.

The majority of the representatives at the UN are black. The leadership of the UN is black. Unfortunately many leaders want to lead from the top. They don't want to go to the foundation and become part of it. You must consider Father's way. The way of indemnity. The bottom of the ladder, in terms of the legs and rungs are taking all the pressure from the whole ladder from the top to the bottom. Though it is the foundation, no one ever sees the bottom rung of the ladder and yet it is the foundation and basis for the whole ladder. The bottom of the ladder gets no glory and yet is the foundation. I want to encourage all of you clergy to become the bottom rung of the ladder and you will be assured to be placed at the top by God.

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