Unification News for February 2003

The Opening of Chungshim Hospital

by Michael Balcomb

Chungshim Hospital at Chung Pyung Lake is the only one of its kind, combining the best of Western and Oriental Medicine. And there has surely never been another hospital opening like the one held the afternoon of February 6, 2003.

It all began in an ordinarily Korean festive way, with crowds of thousands (literally) close range fireworks and confetti cannons, a top rate marching band from Seoul and a star-studded guest list that included soccer legend Pele and all the local Congressmen. After the presentation of the Korean flag, and a dedication prayer by Rev. Jeong Seok Yoo from Japan, the opening settled into the routine you expect at these events. Your reporter allowed his mind (and his eye) to wander around the hospital atrium in which the ceremony was held.

With the thin wintry sunshine filtering in through the glass roof, the new hospital was literally gleaming with promise and beauty. No mistake about it, this is a top rate facility that would be just at home in Los Angeles or Boston. Everything is new and state-of-the art, including new MRI/MNR and CAT scanners, operating theaters, you name it. Combining seven branches of Western medicine with three departments of Oriental medicine, the hospital's goal is nothing less than complete health.

True Mother Hak Ja Han Moon, who will chair the board, gave warm greetings to all guests, especially thanking those who had traveled from abroad to be there. She reminded everyone that God's plan for his children was perfect health in mind, body and spirit. It was only through the Fall that disease and sickness had entered into human history.

"A hospital is like a mother," she said, " and a good hospital must take care of its patients in the same way that a mother takes care of her children." She promised that the Chungshim hospital would set the highest standards for care, compassion and service. However, the hospital stood in the object position to the Chungshim Wanglim Palace, which focuses on the healing and resurrection of the human spirit.

Then True Father Rev. Moon came to the podium for what I think all expected would be a few short words of blessing. Ah, but then has Father ever missed the chance to speak the Word of God? Warming to the theme of mind / body unity as the key to human health and happiness, he began an almost two hour speech that covered all of human history, with special emphasis on the history of Korea since World War II.

"If Korea had accepted God's message that I was bringing 50 years ago this country would be different!" he thundered, " and we would not have two Koreas still divided by the 38th parallel." Time and time again, he said, he had brought God's message to successive generations of Korean leaders, adminstrations and Christian ministers. Many times they had promised to help, but always pulled back.

"What about you?" he challenged the audience, especially zeroing in on the six Korean Congressmen seated with increasing discomfort in the front row. It seemed as they examined their consciences, they had to agree that they needed to change.

As the speech progressed, Father became more and more specific about God's providence, about the Second Coming and the need for True Parents. "Humanity has waited 6,000 years for this day!" he said, "so will you not listen to me for one hour?" Then, just as suddenly as it had begun, the providential storm was over, and Father and Mother were offering their benedictions to everyone.

Still reeling from what they had heard, the crowd began touring the hospital. It was all so new, so clean, so impressive. Most of all, the view from the upper floors is truly staggering. Chungpyung lake lies below, and in the distance the mountains march off into the distance right up to the North Korean border just a handful of miles away. If beauty can cure sickness, patients will feel better the moment they step through the doors.

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