Unification News for February 2003

Musical Presentation of True Motherís Life

True Parents' birthday celebrations concluded with a moving presentation at the Little Angels Performing Arts Center of the new musical based on True Mother's life.

The audience was moved to tears and to smiles as the story of True Mother's life was told in moving song and dance by the talented troupe.

The story began centuries ago with one of True Mother Hak Ja Han's ancestors offering his entire fortune to build a bridge across an important river for commerce between China and Korea. The legend grew that a princess would be born to the Jo family, and eventually True Mother was born to Hong Soon Ae, Daemonim, at a dark moment of Korean history during World War II

The action then follows the small family's flight to the South during the Korean War, and how Mother and Father first met, wed, and raised a family under very trying circumstances. Father's incarceration and victorious release from Danbury was featured and some of the True Family's ordeals in America, but the star of the show was indeed True Mother.

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