Unification News for February 2003

Opening Ceremony for the Cheon Il Guk Award Nominees

Sun Myung Moon

This is from a speech given February 1st at the Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center. These are notes by Rev. Michael Jenkins from the translation by Mrs. Hee Hun Standard.

Think about how difficult it was that all throughout human history there was no religion that could bring the blessing. But we have been able to bless millions of couples both on earth and in the spirit world.

This is all because True Parents were able to establish the Tree of Life. Now having grafted into the Tree of Life. The Blessed Families can expand.

Look at the Coral reef. It is a most beautiful living organism. The beautiful nature of the Ocean is so captivating that if you really understand it you would want to live there.

Water is so beautiful. As long as it flows it will remain pure and clean. Our blood which carries all of our nutrients is flowing. Over 75% of our body is water.

Look at the trees, some live for century after century. Which do you think is getting more nutrition, the human beings or the trees. Who created those plants or trees that live so long. As a human, how long do you want to live. Some religions say that we can live forever physically.

If humans were to live forever, there would be no place for the spirit world. If this were the place, the universe would revolt. If we don't have the spiritual eternal life there would be no reason to exist. Which is more important the mind or the body? If we act on the bodily desires we will perish. If we act on the mind, we will prosper. Hellenism is based on the body centered thought or materialism. It promotes the theory of conflict. It promotes the idea that everything develops through struggle. That is not correct. This theory is not correct. If this were correct we would not be able to prosper. Father's thought counters this. Progress is not made through conflict but through harmonious give and take action.

How about our relationship with God. God is a plus. Now if we try to be in the plus position with God there will be a struggle. Is your mind and body struggling? If so raise your hands. You only raise one hand? Your mind and body are struggling right? I can't believe you if you don't raise both hands!! In fact you should raise your feet at the same time. (Everyone leaned back -- sitting on the floor -- with both hands raised and both feet raised!) Now you say that your mind and body is struggling and now you tell me that you are here to receive an award from True Parents? Would you call yourself Sons and Daughters or swindlers? Did you come here out of joy while dancing? Koreans, Japanese and Westerners all answer differently. (Everyone is laughing). Therefore we are not really united.

We should clearly understand who is on the good side and who is on the evil side. At least we should be firmly standing on God's side. We have been zigzagging. God's speed is not zigzagging. It goes completely straight.

When we talk about God's love, we say it is absolute, unique and eternal. The universe will say yes that's right. The solar system is so exact and precise. If it was off for a second it would be destroyed. However, it doesn't because it has perfect order. The world should exist in the order of love. Everything should be established with absolute orderliness. Mansei? Mansei is only 10,000. We should say. We should say OK Man Mansei representing 10 billion !! Truly forever a victory!

What about a person with a Ph.D. A Ph.D. doesn't know that much. It just means that they have a lot of knowledge in a very limited areas. Someone could have a Ph.D. on the life of ants. But is that that important? It really doesn't mean that much. There is a more important focus of our life. That is in becoming sons and daughters of God and building a True Family.

Did you come to give and award to Father or to receive an award? You might say, Father, I should be recognized because in spite of persecution, I have been following you. Do you think that is good enough. I have been telling you to become a person without any shadow. Can you say that you are a part of God's body? What do you want to be, part of God's finger or his mucous?

Would you want to be part of God's mind? If you are filled with greed, God wouldn't want any part of it. The only thing that can please God is absolute love. Does God have a wife? Plus and minus, when they come together, they can be explosive. God's object partner was meant to be man and woman in oneness. Still there is a hope. Let's say God is representing up and children represent down coming together. Men in the east, women in the west coming together. Then there is vertical and horizontal movement forming a sphere. A vertical relationship alone is not good enough. It must come together with the horizontal.

Do you want to live with God.? Which has more potential to live with God, the mind or the body. Mind is closer. However, the body has been blocking the mind quite a bit. We have to understand the process of the fall. We have to have unique, unchanging and eternal love. You may not understand why your mind and body is in conflict. The problem is the mind.

We are about to open Cheong Shim hospital here at Chung Pyung. If the mind is absolutely clear then disease can be chased away. We should not just look for medicines. We should however combine the East and West and spiritual medical practices.

We should not be only administering medicine. They should be focused on nature, air and sunlight. Then if the mind is liberated they will not be sick. We should be able to cure them all. Is it good for them to come to the hospital.

Those who are willing to sacrifice themselves will go to the Kingdom of heaven straight. Instead of trying to receive an award, we should be willing to sacrifice anything to live up to Father's directions.

We should be willing to become an owner that is willing to keep our post. Even if we don't have a nation, God will give us everything we need. To have such power, we should be willing to give everything to God. Then give everything to everyone.

We should be willing to visit each home in Korea and the world and restore all humanity to God. Then we can become True Parents.

Americans raise your hands. Japanese. Koreans. Who is a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven? You are liars !!! (Father was smiling.) You need to get that kind of recognition from God. You can't only recognize yourselves. We should substantially demonstrate our willingness to do whatever God wants us to do. Then God can recognize it. Then we can be a prince and princess and King and Queen.

You came here to receive an award. I hope that you can inherit everything from God. Before you receive an award, you should think about whether you are really qualified. True Parents would like to live with you in one house forever.

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