Unification News for February 2003


by Edy Iversen

I am staying in a city called Ui-Saeong with 15 Japanese brothers and sisters, our Korean Leader and his wife, and the local Korean Leader. Visited three myungs yesterday, small towns, and had rallies in each. Amazing, so little preparation for each, yet we spoke to over 156 people. Spirit world is working! Went door to door and office to office asking people to come.

I give a small presentation on behalf of America which is translated by the Japanese wife of our local Korean leader talking about the importance of why we are here.

The heart of our Korean leader and his wife is so special. He is also the National Messiah to Gambia. We will visit four more towns and have rallies in each. He pours out his heart almost to tears and reads from the revelations from the Spirit World.

Met a 80 year old Halmoni yesterday who was witnessed to by Rev. Kwak in Taegu in 1961. She cried when she saw me. All she could say was "America" and wouldn't let go of my hand.

My son is witnessing every day with one other blessed child near the North Korean border. My twin sister Betsy is here too and my brother-in-law... what a blessing. We will celebrate our 49th birthdays in Korea!!! There were over 300 blessed children that came for the mobilization and father was so happy.

We will go to the Korean leader's hometown. He has never been able to go back and witness there because of all of his responsibilities. So we will go for him. I will also go to my hometown here of Sagok-Myun.

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