Unification News for February 2003

Bucheon, Incheon

by Demian Dunkley

I have returned from Bucheon, Incheon where I attended the first week activity along with a couple dozen Japanese and American members.

We attended and assisted in the rallies everyday, following the same format as the rest of our nationwide movement. Mostly reaching out to the elderly communities. At first we were a little worried but soon realized that these elderly are the most influential in the Korean family. These were also the people who witnessed first hand the tragedy of their country's division, and so feel a natural calling to take a heart of ownership over these unification activities. The local town and district level leaders attended as well, and apparently all were moved and inspired to work together.

On the street the younger generation seemed most responsive to our call, which makes you think that we are sandwiching the middle aged with the innocent and fresh power of the youth and the wisdom and leadership of the elderly.

A joke made in Chyung Pyung about us being used as the "token white guy" stuck in my mind as we were being shuttled around from venue to street corner, asked to stand up and sing, sit down and smile, often with little understanding of the schedule or what was really going on. We actually all really enjoyed it, and we did realize the significance of our presence there.

The most enjoyable moments for me was working alongside the Korean/Japanese members with such a sense of family and unity. Although we were in need of constant multiple translation, we were always cracking jokes, the Japanese were always organizing and the Koreans were always discussing the schedule and coordinating (in other words: fighting!) however it all seemed to work.

I think it was very meaningful to the Korean members. To clarify what I mean by that, one second generation explained to me "Until now I have been a couch potato, but from now I am going to do church activity!" He was so fired up!

I was so happy that we could finally begin to return the blessing that Father has been sacrificing his country to give to us over the past few decades. It has just begun.

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