Unification News for February 2003

Gye-yang Inchon

John Chisholm
February, 2003

I am the only western member in the city of Kye-yang (a suburb of Inchon). There are nine hardworking Japanese sisters here, some who can speak Korean and English.

We have been able to have great success under the leadership of Rev. Cheong (a 777 couple Moksa-nim who joined in 1961) and with the help of the local Korean Church membership. There are around 50 local members who are so glad to see international involvement in the Cheon Il Guk activities.

We hold two Rallies per day. The Rallies are usually held in the Government center of each "Dong" (a "Dong" is kind of a subdivision of a "Gu")

The attendance for each rally has consistently grown larger and larger, building for the final satellite banquet on Saturday. Our latest rally overflowed the capacity of the hall (about 250 people).

In each rally we always show respect for the Korean flag after which a wonderful video is shown and the international membership are introduced. One Japanese sister and my self each give a short translated speech (representing America and Japan).

The speech that I give is based on a recommended speech written in our guide book. The speech conveys among other things, the effects of True Parents global efforts for peace and reunification on the Korean peninsula. It is a strong statement of solidarity between American members and the Korean people at this sensitive time in Korean history. The speech always draws great applause and warm greetings afterwards.

Koreans have much respect for Americans and are very interested to see that True Parents have won the love and admiration of Americans from all walks of life. The People of Kye-yang don't often get to see an American live and in person and so it often happens that when I walk into the meeting room they begin to point and whisper to each other; "me-guk saram". This makes me realize that I am representing True Parents and must always show my best face and attitude. Standing to greet the Halmonis and Harabojis... always with a smile.

The most moving moment comes when our Japanese sister gives her speech of apology and plea for forgiveness for the past history between Japan and Korea. Many of the guests are in tears when our sister bows so sincerely. Only True Parents could inspire such a moving and unforgettable moment!

The spirit is very high in our humble center. The spirit is one of cooperation and self-sacrifice to bring the victory for Cheon Il Guk! Samo-nim (Moksa-nim's wife) has been such a loving mother to us all. I feel that we are forging eternal relationships.

I have learned that there must be a thousand different ways to prepare Kim-Chee and I have come to love them all. Samo-nim, feeling that I must be hungry for some "good old home cooking" prepared a Kim-Chee omelet one morning just for me!

Our center also has a Halmoni (Moksa-nim's mom), she brings a sense of stability and history to our center. It's amazing to see how our bold and fearless leader (Moksa-nim) becomes a young boy in front of Halmoni.

Halmoni always smiles and pats on the floor for me to sit down next to her when I return home from a rally. There is a sense of victory in the air. The Korean people are responding to and feeling pride in True Parents as they witness our international coalition of solidarity with True Parents' efforts to unify Korea. They know that True Parents have the only viable solution to the Korean crisis. I have never been so sure of eventual victory in any campaign as in this mobilization.

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