Unification News for February 2003

Jong Ro

by Mary Anglin

Thirty-six Japanese and Western members descended upon the center of Seoul, Jong Ro. We've been incredibly blessed here; our church leader, Rev. Kim Seog Jin, is an energetic, accomplishing man with a very deep and loving heart. He has a whole handful of incredibly powerful and capable church leaders. Together they've made a very deep and wide foundation.

At Sunday Service, those members who did not already have a Dong area did a lottery to choose a Dong. We then met the families in our Dongs. Rev. Kim exhorted them to take care of us; feed us, take us nice places, buy nice gifts for us. Basically, to dominate us through True Love! Each member then spent the day with their families. At the end of the day, every member spoke passionately about how they had experienced such deep love and care. Each member was sure that they had been paired with the best members of the church!

We've done 17 Dong level events and one city-level event. At the Dong events, generally between 25-35 guests attend. The city-level event brought over 200. The events consist of several songs offered by the Missionaries, Hoon Dok Hae reading (words from Father's speech as well as some spirit world messages), presentation by one of the MoksaNims on the necessity of Unification of North & South through the path of peace, and pledging and affirming the points of the Rally for the Harmony and Unity of Heaven and Earth.

Since the foundation is so strong, we mainly assist with the events. When we have time, we do street witnessing just prior to the events to bring guests to them. On Tuesday, two of us went with one of the MoksaNims to visit churches (see separate report). Rev. Kim took eight of us to meet the Mayor on Wednesday. The mayor gave us each a small gift and a history on this area of the city. He seemed truly moved to meet these international missionaries.

Since Jong Ro church is so organized and so advanced, it seems that we can't offer much, at least externally. But as Rev. Kim told us, the candle in the prayer room has burned continuously for the past two years, so we take much opportunity to pray. It seems the calling here is for the internal conditions of unity and prayer.

We are so moved and humbled by the true love we're receiving from the Korean people. We thought we were coming here to serve, but we are truly being out-served! We are so grateful to True Parents for this incredible opportunity and are determined to go home a new people, those whose hearts have been so stretched in this time that we can convey the heart of the Father to our nations, and begin to live and grow in the capacity of true Elder Brother.

This is a new era, and the accomplishment of Cheon Il Guk is at hand!

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