Unification News for February 2003

Chung Pyung Testimony by Serge Brosseau

This is my sixth time at Chung Pyung in the last five years, yet my feeling is that I am only beginning to comprehend the beauty and significance of this place. A restored Garden of Eden it is, even in this mild winter that we are experiencing.

I came last January for the last time and because it was a bit difficult I didn't think that my effort was successful. But at the end of 2002, I could clearly perceive that some fortunate events which took place during the year came on the basis of my time spent here. Therefore, when I was asked to participate in the 50 day workshop unexpectedly I did not hesitate to respond and take advantage of it. It does not make sense to miss such an opportunity.

This time Father combined the Korean and Western groups. It is giving us westerners a chance to observe the experience with a cross-section of the entire Korean movement with representatives from 36, 72, 124, 430 couples, all the way down to the second generation. Some of the elders are here attending with their children and relatives. We all participate in the holy songs and study sessions together. It is quite a sight.

To me, it is somewhat of a revelation to discover the depth of the Korean character. Some of these people have been following Father for almost 50 years. As they take good care of each other, and us, their heart of longing for True Patents expressed in prayers and singing is truly profound. Through the process it seems we are being engrafted to the very trunk of the movement.

On the external side, every new visit to Chung Pyung brings new discoveries. The hospital is now nearly completed. It is a magnificent building standing 12 stories high overlooking the brings new discoveries. The hospital is now nearly completed. It is a magnificent building standing 12 stories high overlooking the Chung Pyung campus. As we climb up to top of the hill where the Tree of Blessing is located, at midpoint now we can stop and gaze at the facade of the Theological College appearing in the background as well as the beginnings of the Original Palace perched on its high point. These ongoing projects give us a glimpse of what will take place in the future. We are witnessing no less than the City of God taking shape before our very eyes!

To me, this place of pilgrimage is where we can inherit heavenly fortune, deepen our appreciation of God and True Parents as well as find an oasis where we can finally purify ourselves. And now additional grace is coming our way in the form of Cheon Il Guk Blessing and activity. In this time of uncertainty and tension around the world, what better statement is there to make for peace but to respond to our Parents' call? History is awaiting us indeed!

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