Unification News for February 2003

Happy New (Lunar) Year

February 1, 2003 was the Lunar Calendar New Year. Rev. Kwak was the MC for the celebration. Father had on his hanbok that has a red upper jacket and bright golden pants. Mother had a beautiful red hanbok with a pink top and dark maroon bow that is tied. When True Parents came on the stage they did Kyung Beh to Heavenly Father. Father took his seat and True Mother bowed. Then the True Children.

Father had Rev. Kwak read the testimony of Heung Jin Nim about the liberation of ancestors and the unity of religions brought by True Parents through the work of Heung Jin Nim from January 1, 2002. It explains in detail the work at Chung Pyung. Father emphasized that we must understand and participate in this providence to be prepared to live with True Parents in the Kingdom of Heaven. If we violate the heavenly law we cannot be the owner of Cheon Il Guk. This is an age of God's direct dominion,

Father said we should do Sae Bae -- the special bow to your ancestors that all Korean people do on New Years day. They bow down to the ancestors at their tombs.

Eve failed in her responsibility but True Mother has fulfilled everything. We have indemnified the number 6 through True Mother's 60 years we can inherit everything from heaven, on behalf of all religions in the world. All the separations and divisions must now be restored. We must be able to offer all of these to God. We have to be completely restored. We must restore what was lost in the past. All the was lost was due to the fall. We must restore the True Family. We must bring total equalization and bring total victory.

At night we all played Yute. It was great when Father came down to watch some of the finalist teams. Dr. Yang's team won.

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