Unification News for February 2003

January Prayer Breakfast in Chicago

by Rev. Bruce Sutchar

The title of Archbishop Stallings sermon was "Lets Put Feet to our Faith" and as anyone who has ever seen the Archbishop preach knows, he was putting every molecule of his spiritual and physical being into the sermon-rocking & rolling, hooping and preaching, moving and shaking and pouring out every ounce of love and truth to the over 200 ACLC Pastors and friends gathered in the banquet hall of Rev. James Porter's New Pleasant Green MB Church.

But I am getting way ahead of myself. This prayer breakfast wasn't really supposed to happen. While 50 prayer breakfast across the country were planned by ACLC National Headquarters to take place in the month of January, because of the activities taking place in Korea, this plan was pushed back to take place later in the year. But Chicago is maintaining an important tradition. The third Tuesday of every month is the time of our monthly prayer breakfast (which is hosted by a different pastor every month). Thus, even though Bishop Kim was in Korea, the Chicago Family Church moved forward under the auspices of Dr. A. Harold White, the Co-convenor of the ACLC in Chicago, Dr. Bennie Owens, a member of the Chicago ACLC Board of Directors, Rev. Kazuo Takami and Rev. Lloyd Hudson who are standing in for Bishop Kim and Rev. Bruce Sutchar, Bishop's Kim Special Assistant.

Several amazing occurrences happened during the breakfast. First of all, it was a gathering of old and new. Several old friends spanning the last 20 years of Unification Activities throughout Chicago gathered together for a spiritual and physical reunion. Revs. M. Earle Sardon (90 years old), Rev. Mickey Walker (80), Rev. Isaac Strong (83), Rev. & Mrs. Bennie Smothers (who postponed going into the hospital for diabetes until after the prayer breakfast, Rev. James Bass (80+), Rev. A.I. Dunlap and Dr. Paul Swanson (youngsters in their 70's) joined together with relative newcomers, Dr. James Porter, Rev. Franklin Morris, Rev. Benton and over 200 others to begin 2003 with a rousing holy spirit welcome.

We were entertained by Larry Sutker, playing gospel music on his Hebraic harmonica and of course, the True Family Values Japanese Gospel Choir.

Rev. Sutchar reported about the national Divine Principle Seminars in Ocean City, Maryland, Los Angeles and Chicago.

Rev. Bennie Owens shared about the experience of the God conference in Washington, DC immediately after Christmas (I think Rev. Owens may be the most serious minister in the ACLC).

And then, Rev. Levy Daugherty preached like few others can. His sermon spanned the historical, theological and principled account of the life and struggle of Noah as he worked to establish the Foundations of Faith and Substance in his own lifetime.

And then Dr. Stallings, put the entire package together as he preached about faith and action.

"We must begin showing reverence for one another the way we say we show reverence to God."

Imagine a what a world this would be if we see others the way we see God and we honored others the way we honor God."

The problem is that we have faith, but no feet. WE have to put feet to our faith

So where does God well? God dwells where all of creation and heaven and earth recognize Him as God. This is truly the Kingdom of Heaven."

The program then gave honor and thanks to Bishop Ki Hoon Kim, who returned from Korea to attend the breakfast and to Pastor T.L. Barrett, our National Co-Convenor of ACLC.

The congregation then all joined in several rousing choruses of Happy Birthday as we honored both of these great men of God as we celebrated the anniversaries of their births.

We were closed out by a rousing good bye greeting from the great civil rights leader and advocate, Shepherd Alexander Isaiah Dunlap who had everyone putting their hands together to honor God and then Dr. Paul Swanson offered a heartfelt benediction on behalf of everyone, honoring Bishop Kim with his remarks.

As full as it was, the program ended on time, due to the efforts of our Master of Ceremonies, Dr. A. Harold White, who as a radio personality knows, both how to run a program and maybe even more importantly, how to run on time.

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