Unification News for February 2003

To Educate 10,000 Minister in Divine Principle

Levy M. Daugherty
February, 2003

Our leaders have gone to the homeland to fight an invisible war, a war against principalities, a war that is not seen by the naked eye, but is felt and clear by the evil results of the world. If we Messiahs, the prophets, the saints of the modern day era don't take up the banner and correct a great wrong there will result in a world of stubble and lack of productivity. So I salute all of you who had to stay back and fight this war, in the form of protecting the homefront and continued preparing and working so when our leaders return they don't come back to a country where they have to restart providential work that died out, like ashes in a fire that has lost its heat. They will instead be coming back to a blazing excitement of action, and they can step right into the ongoing work, never having to look back, and continue building the Kingdom. For this I salute you again.

I am reminded of the time in the great wars and battles when men had to leave their homes, farms, factories and their workplaces and the women and children who were left behind had to fill in their shoes, and although knowing the heat of the battle was not upon them, yet if they did not work hard the war abroad would be at their own doorsteps.

We have seen via the Internet, through webcast, the greatest victory in human history where the Marriage Feast of the Lamb took place, where even the angels and all the saints and even God could rejoice for the first time. We all could witness it, and thank God we could be alive to witness it in this physical world.

We all could enjoy and celebrate such a glorious occasion but I remind you that such an occasion could not take place if it had not been for the fundraiser in the rain and snow, or the one who witnessed while doors were being slammed in their faces, or those who went to prison for simply selling a box of candy in the wrong town, or for those who prayed all night while others fasted beyond what their health may be stable for. While most of us are lacking the very necessities of life, yet we joined in this great celebration with our True Parents and with all the saints and God and the spiritual world. Many members, including True Parents' children, have scarified their life, yet they are all praising and dancing around the throne of God in high celebration. Yes we have witnessed a miracle, nothing short of a miracle. I would like to humbly thank each and every one of you for your tenacity and your eternal love for God, True Parents and country.

As I write, our True Parents are in Hawaii. As you know, he never allows grass to grow under his feet. Based on the victory of the Marriage Feast of the Lamb our Father has given new direction concerning the education of Clergy in America. Three Divine Principle workshops were done in the country, titled, "Who is Rev. Sun Myung Moon?" It is paramount that every Minister as much as possible be educated with the Divine Principle, and not just listen to and accept it, but also teach it and spread it to the world.

Therefore, our Father has asked us to educate 10,000 Ministers throughout the nation. Dr. Yang has said our first conference will be in New York. We will do our best to find beautiful, relaxing places for these conferences. These conferences will be held 4 days and 3 nights to give ample time to not only teach but also have a chance to discuss and digest the Divine Principle. Rev. Schanker, along with guidance and help of Dr. Yang and Rev. Jenkins, with Father's instruction, have developed the highest quality PowerPoint presentation that give dignity and eloquence to our True Parents teaching. Ministers such as Bishop Stallings, Rev. Jesse Edwards, Bishop Nelson, and Bishop Johnson will also teach some of these lectures. All of us will be proud of this lecture series once we see and hear them. We still need your prayers and continued support.

We also plan a series of Prayer Breakfasts nationwide. These Prayer breakfasts will be held as a forerunner to the upcoming conferences. Dr. Yang will give further instructions when and where these conferences will be held. But we cannot wait for the leaders to return. We have to begin immediately. Father has asked us many times to fulfill a certain goal for a certain providential reason. Sometimes we succeeded sometimes we did not. But this time I feel all of heaven is supporting us and everything we go to do will be easier than what we thought. Let us not hesitate for the victory is already ours.

We urge you to contact all of your ACLC Ministers, especially and old contacts that we may have lost touch. Contact any ACLC Minister who has ever gone to a Workshop, Blessing, Seminar or conference.

For further information please call: (202) 319-3200, ext 143 or 144, or (757) 620-7238.

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