Unification News for February 2003

ACLC DC Celebration Honoring Family, Clergy and M.L. King Jr.

by Father Bayo

It was a cold day Thursday January 23rd but a great day to celebrate the warmth of Family, Clergy and the life of one of the great prophets and Ambassador for peace of our times Rev. Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

Members of the DC local ACLC, under the Co Chairmanship of Rev. In Hoi Lee and Bishop C.P. Johnson, put the event together. We were graced with the presence of key clergy from Maryland, DC and Virginia and lay members and friends of the family movement.

Apostle Bishop Floyd Nelson was the Keynote preach and teacher, whose spirited message was the high point of the event, which was preceded with singing, prayer, testimonies, December 7th video highlights of True Parents and a sumptuous lunch prepared by the Japanese community and missionaries.

Apostle Nelson's message centered on standing firm, stead fast and unmovable in this mission we have inherited, as Christian leaders we should continue to embrace to blessing movement because it is Christ centered. For it does not yet appear what we shall be, he told us to have faith like a seed planted underground which in due season after the storm and the rain will bring forth its fruit for all to benefit in due season.

Also in attendance were the Minister Abdul Kadir Mohammed and members from the Nation of Islam (peace) community and brother Mohammed of Chair of the All Faith Consortium. Minister Kadir spoke and extended an invitation to hear Minister Louis Farrakhan speak on peace.

An executive summary report of 2002 was distributed to all the ministers, who are showing much excitement to be part of the ACLC.

Also in attendance were Dr. Mary Quinn president women's minister council, Bishop Joseph Showell, Rev. Shepherd Charles Agbaza, Bishop Restine Jackson, Bishop Allen and Overseer Jones, prophetess Patra Kidwell amongst many others.

If you need more information about ACLC DC local activities call (202) 462-5700 ext.21

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