Unification News for January 2003

True God's Day

by Rev. Michael Jenkins

Cheong Pyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center: True Father began his Midnight prayer to offer the New Year of 2003, Cheon Il Guk Year Three. Father concluded the prayer at about ten minutes past midnight, whereupon Rev. Kwak led everyone in offering a thunderous round of applause of appreciation for True Parents' unstinting toil for Heavenly Father's Will.

Father then proceeded to write out the calligraphy for the 2003 Cheon Il Guk Year Three motto: "Cham Sarang-euro Uri Gajeong-eun Cheon Il Guk-eui Hyoja, Chungshin, Seongin, Seongja-eui Cham Gajeong-eul wanseong hasoseo." ("Let our family perfect a true family of filial children, patriots, saints and holy sons and daughters in Cheon Il Guk, through true love.")

Having established the motto, Father came down from the stage to address the seven thousand leaders and members present:

How will we go beyond the national boundaries. All the nations founded in the world are connected to Satan. None of them can be called God's nation.

How will we achieve God's nation. How will we overcome these boundaries. That's why the central religious leaders centering on Jesus have been assembled in the spirit world. All the religions must be unified by recognizing True Parents, True Owner and True King. As the religions unify the nations will follow. This will be done without war. We must recognize True Holy Son all the way up to the level of True King. Finally God's kingship must be established.

If we look at the history of Israel we see that it was a history of suffering and misery. It went through such a difficult miserable course to pay indemnity so that they could receive the Messiah. So much indemnity. Always, God's religious people must go this way. Through the 4000 year indemnity course Israel could bring the second Adam who is the Messiah. However they rejected Jesus and they lost everything.

Because of the fall Cain killed Abel. The false blood lineage of Satan was established on every level. When we look back 2000 years ago the same phenomenon occurred. All the nations of the world are set up with a false love, false life and a false lineage. Jesus said I am the "only begotten son". This was the most significant proclamation. The first time in history when someone proclaimed they had a different Blood lineage, I am the only begotten son. No one is worthy when we look at the blessed couples. 30 years in the Unification Church is meaningless if you don't form unity of your mind and body.

At the Registration ceremony I established the principle of living without a shadow. Then your mind must form a perfect 90 degree relationship with the body.

Now S. Korea, N. Korea and America are all in a difficult situation. How are we going to solve this. Through True Love. Now those who opposed me are coming forward to ask for forgiveness. I spent 33 years in America, that is Jesus age. Christianity opposed me but now they have been changed and they are proclaiming Father. Now Christian ministers from America should do a revival of Christianity in Korea. Christianity must take down the cross and then resurrection will occur We need the Fatherland, Motherland and Elder son nation together.


Later, we began pledge at 7 am. Father and Mother came onto the stage in the Holy Robes. The offering table was glorious. Twelve towers of fruit, cookies and other foods of creation. The twelve towers were about two feet in diameter and 4 feet high on a 3-foot platform. Four flower arrangement representing every color decorated the front of the offering table. Hyo Jin Nim, Hyun Jin Nim and Jun Sook Nim and two children, Kook Jin Nim, Hyung Jin Nim and Yana Nim, Sun Jin Nim and In Sup Nim attended pledge. First Father and Mother came in. Then Father said a short prayer before the altar. With a golden instrument that looked like a sword Father lit the seven Candles that stood about 4 feet high (including he stage).

Then True Parents bowed. It's such a holy moment to behold. I remember last year when Bishop Stallings testified that it was in seeing Father bow that he was deeply moved and knew Father was the one. First Father and Mother then Father goes behind the altar to sit his chair. Then Mother bows with incredible grace and love. Then true children bow. Then the blessed second generation. Then three primary nations, Korea, Japan and America. Then all the Continents. Then the major religions (Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism, Islam, Hinduism), then the Abel Democratic world then the Communist world. Then the spirit world. Finally Father asked for a special bow representing all the world leaders at the Washington D.C. God conference that made a resolution that Father is the True Parent, Teacher, King and Master.

Then Rev. Kwak and Mrs. Kwak prayed in front of the altar holding hands with Jin Man and his wife behind them. (This is the new tradition, as Father is giving out and bequeathing his role to Blessed Central Families.)

After this Father gave the offering table to True Children and then on to all. This concluded Pledge.

At the 9 AM service Rev. Yoo Jeong Ok, the Chairman of FFWPU of Japan, gave the opening prayer. Hoon Dok Hae was read by Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak: (Reading of True Father's words on the Cheon Il Guk from 2002.) The one by one witnessing time is over and we must use the mass-media to witness. Including Jesus there are four saints in the spirit world who are being educated by Heung Jin Nim The leaders of all other religions are gathering together. Therefore the boundaries are taken down and through the pouring out of the spirit people will come. They have to be reached through the mass media.

If there is a man who accomplished everything but didn't find a woman to unite with then his life has no meaning. Without man, woman cannot achieve love. Without woman man cannot find love. What about God. It's the same -- God needs his bride. God needs a woman.

Cheon symbolized two people becoming one to make Cheon or Heaven. The relationship in Choen Il Guk.

The bible says where two or more gathered, God will be there. There is only one True Master. When there is unity between two God appears.

True Father's Address:

The most serious problem of all is that people do not know that God is their Parent. That is why we must go through education and pay the indemnity. If you could just go through the indemnity then you could avoid 6000 years of history.

We lost everything because we didn't know that God is our parent. Because of the first parent is not known then Satan takes over ( most of us don't know this. ).

The serious training course is provided in central religions. Serious religions lead the way of indemnity. We must achieve God's, Life, Love and Lineage. Because we didn't understand the fall we don't know that God is our Father.

Humanity did not know who their parent was. God wanted to establish everything with his children. God wanted to invest everything in an unlimited fashion. To fulfill true love. Unlimited love means that no matter how much God gave his child he never feels that it is enough. Everything exists in a circle. We have five organs: eyes, ears, nose, touch and taste. Nothing can grow to be a big tree in one day. It takes a process of growth. We all grow through a process

Adam and Eve were created with God's ideal of love. God wanted the total settlement of love. Without life and lineage, you can't complete the ideal of love.

Uniting eight people is extremely difficult, Jesus tried to unite the mind of 12. The key is the unity of the mind and Body. The center is the parents. Front, middle, side and back, left and right. For circular motion to occur you must be united. There should be three points. If there is only two people in the relationship it must be united.

On your face there are 36 distinct points. In the middle there are two eyes. A newborn comes out and by crying, he starts to breathe. By reaching out he gains his life. He seeks his motherís nipple. He seeks his subject. This is also give and take.

If God could realize his ideal on his own he wouldn't need humanity. Christianity teaches that God doesn't need anything. The reality is that God needs people. A man can be free when he has a wife and vice versa for the woman. God cannot fulfill love without man.

Why are there men in this world. Man is not born for man. Man was created for the sake of woman. If you just live for yourself it is very destructive. Adam and Eve just began to center on themselves and they didn't consider God. Satan is the king of individualism. He likes to separate us out. When you see something delicious, you just think about eating it yourself. A good person would think of his parents first. A saint would think of the Lord first. Without this thinking you will squander everything.

Why is there a God? Was God born or does exist forever. Love is the answer. Through love God created everything. Humanity didn't know their Father because of the fall. The fall changed everything so that everyone focuses on themselves. This leads to total destruction.

God told me that I would be the savior, messiah and True Parents and that I would unite heaven and earth. What is True Parents. They are the ones who have the power to unite all the nations, religion, races.

Why does humanity need True Parents? Because there are false parents. What can unite these diverse peoples? True Parents. It's not what I say, but your heart should be happy to see me. There are so many stories to tell you about how people are attracted to me. Its not by words but by a spiritual power. Its because of love. I created so many organizations that break down all the barriers. The first parents destroyed everything through their false love. They turned everything upside down. Satan wants to keep them as his own children.

When you repent you must also change. Not just internally. You have to change externally. There are so many broken marriages in America. They broke because of infidelity. This must change.

People are attracted to me. It's a mysterious spiritual power. This love is breaking down the walls. Why are the religious leaders coming for the blessing? Because they can sense the love of God.

This is the Last Days and it's a most exciting time because changes are occurring so rapidly. We have extremely rapid changes and developments. Even if you go to hell we can help you climb out. There are five races here. If I tell you they would give their life if I asked do you understand. Why would they do this. Because of True Love.

When you first come to the Unification Church you want to come to Korea. You want to be with me. Why because of True love. spirit world God first existed because of love and he needed an object because of love. Through love God finds his object. God exists in the subject position with the male. In SW you have the subject and object relationship. The Invisible God goes into Adam and there he creates the object. It was like separating twins. From Man, God made woman. Who is the subject then. It is man. From Adam God was able to create Eve. It is the ODU action. The male and female animals come together and have offspring. The man is convex and the woman is concave. Who is the master of the organ that sticks up? It is man. Man is the subject. This is the basis of heavenly law. Who owns your body. Your spouse. There is a law of heaven here that man is the subject.

Who owns your love organ? Your spouse. Man and woman are totally different. The woman has a smooth and pretty face while man has a beard. Women have pretty faces. In the afternoon its difficult and painful to make love because of the beard.

If you still have feelings for your first love it is a problem. You can't be the master. If you go to the spirit world and you are not the master your love organ will be pulled and captured and you will be destroyed.

In order to marry you must get permission from me -- why? Because Adam and Eve did not get permission from God. God made man to fit woman and vice versa. The theory of evolution would say that this developed. That's not true. It was designed this way from the beginning.

Man and woman are gathered here or just man. If you are not with your wife do you miss her. You could touch her nose and know who she is. The spouse that God has picked for you -- is the one to bring joy. What if you find a more beautiful woman -- you can't go that way.

All parents want their children to be the best. Why do we have this kind of desire. From a Cain point of view we can't think this way. We always want our spouses to be higher than us. God had this kind of capability that everything was created in love.

Wives, is the manís organ yours or not? If the founder talks about this on stage it is important. Many religions could not do this. If you flirt you will destroy everything. Whatever you do you must fervently seek to keep your husband.

When you invest with true love the more you invest the more it multiplies. What is God's attribute: eternal, unchanging and absolute love that lives for the sake of others. This is an unchanging and eternal world. Then God's attribute can manifest. Who is the pour person? The one who has so much to give and yet has no object or an object who has no subject. Who wants to receive more, Man or Woman. If with true love you have a relationship is it good. If the man can have the relationship like this (every 51 minutes with his wife) there would be no fall.

True Parents created the interreligious realm that can dissolve all problems. What is the worst thing you can do. Have a mistaken marriage. What are True Parents doing. They are giving the blessing to all couples of all religions. Does Rev. Moon do things like this or not. Enemy countries must intermarry and eventually the borders will disappear.

Enemies that cannot forgive each other are brought together in marriage and the children then can correct the mistakes of their parents. What is the secret of Unification. To remove the borders. Enemies must marry. Korea and Japan are enemies. Korean men must marry Japanese women and Japanese women must marry Korean men.

The biggest problem in the religious realm is that we have conflict between nations. This is based on religious conflict. We must resolve this conflict. Only True Parents can resolve this. The Buddhist Monk must get married. If you pray you will hear the voice of Buddha in the spirit world.

Now spirits can come to earth. To liquidate all the past we had the burning ceremony. The religious leaders are pouring down from heaven and opening up the national boundaries. What did Jesus do. He cold not bring together the religious leaders of this age. Ambassadors for Peace can make this kind of breakthrough.

In this year we have to assign certain people. In the Buddhist realm we must make an Abel realm. Jesus did his mission until 33. I spent 33 years in America. The Ambassadors For Peace are now ready. They just need to be assigned to different places. If the descendants do things against the will of God the spirit world will take them.

In the third year of Cheon Il Guk, on the first day the founder said these things. We must bring mind and body together as one. We must become one in mind set. What does this mean. We must make this God's families and make this Fatherland to be God's country. We are the essence.

Last year, Il Hwa soccer team took first place. People said the UC has no money but they are saying how amazing it is that we were able to win first place. Also, our soccer team in Brazil is doing well. There is a Sun Moon World Peace Cup. Its purpose is to open the door for peace. Who would have though of doing all this by ones self. All the peace of the world is now being made possible by True Parents. Why, because I have a storehouse of fortune.

Don't you want to live with God and sleep with God. I'm teaching you about God's nation clearly. These are the Last Days, even Satan is being forgiven. Because God created everything -- that is why God can forgive Satan. When did Satan surrender. March 21, 1999. This is truly an amazing time. You should truly be blessed people who will bring incredible victory.

One mind, one heart, one body, one mindset. True Love, True life , True lineage.

You must create the family in which God can be the owner. With one heart and unity. You must be a family, living together, eating together. Through Adam , God wanted to have True Love and true life in the end.

Therefore God must have the establishment of the sovereignty of the Fatherland. We must now liberate the Fatherland.

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