Unification News for January 2003

He Is Flying

by Malinda Vogel

He is flying ahead
Like an eagle
Like a Phoenix.
Inwardly we tremble
At the thought of it:
Followers of the Lord.
Who are we?
Plain people like the apostles,
Human beings
Trying to follow True Parents,
What does it mean?
While I am thinking,
He is flying
Speeding off to the future
Racing to meet God
Rushing history
To set down patterns,
Standards, a new place,
A new land; heaven on earth.
He is a golden streak in the distance,
Marking the difficult, dangerous but
Correct way to go.
If we want to live correctly,
If we want to live for others,
If we want to change this world
For our children,
We can follow
If we can
If we are quick
And right in our thoughts
If we follow are true heart's desire,
If we can catch up,
If we can,
Then there is hope
In the distant beat of wings,
Off where our very souls can fly.

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