Unification News for January 2003

Father is Bequeathing His Belongings

These are notes from a speech given at East Garden, NY, on December 19, 2002

Father is bequeathing his belongings at this time to be close to you. He is giving all that he touched and owned away. Make a museum with these items.

Hoon Dok Hae is the time to understand Father and understand Father's will. The age of Salvation has ended. Now is the time of the owners of Cheon Il Guk. The Savior, Messiah, Second Coming. On that foundation are the True Parents. True Parents are the complete and highest concept. Owner of Cheon Il Guk is the one who saves the 1st and 2nd Israel. Save the family, Community and society to save the whole world. Satan united one to make this land. I give you Cheon Il Guk. Because True Father survived. True Father wants to save you and save this country. If America doesn't fulfill its responsibility Look at Jesus time. What if Jesus had chop sticks. How would it be. How valuable it is. So many nations Father won't even spend one week.

Father spent 33 years in this country. America the Second Israel must attend Father. What about the Lasting Love conference. We must do the lasting love conference. True Parents are not feeding you. I can remind you that the third Israel will not perish. Through the blessing you go back to the original Adam.

Only the qualified blessed couple can stay with True Parents in the Spirit World. You must attend True Parents. The Christian ministers understand that Father is the Messiah and beyond to True Parents.

All these things that I give you. You should attend Father as the King. We must save this nation and offer this country to God. Muslim and Christianity are enemies. You are in a important position. If you don't fulfill then Russia and China will take over those ideas. Russia and China doesn't have a barrier to Father's idea. America is spreading dirty things throughout the world.

How will you save this country from Free sex, immorality and family breakdown. Only True Father's thought. Only True Parents way. I'm just looking at America. How will America overcome those with atomic bombs. From the viewpoint of the Principle of Creation America is wrong. America must serve other countries. If America doesn't serve then America will perish. If America doesn't go forward the right way, it will perish. The Sun rises and moves to the west. It creates a shadow. When the Sun is directly overhead, and you are 90 degrees there is no shadow that is cast. Even one second deviate the earth will not be in a right position. You must know clearly. Maybe you heard some news that Father is giving precious things. You must have registration. Have you done the living offering. When you marry is another key registration. As a blessed central family. I'm wonder if there are Americans that are too proud. What you need is to forsake yourself and bring spring winter and fall. You must know what is True Parents teaching. Father never used American money. Father gives you all of these things. You should love Father and the things that he gives more than you love yourself or anything else.

Father came here only because America and Christianity are the Elder son and Second Israel. Because Father came to save this country, now is the time to save the nation. This is the time to follow Father's idea. They must follow True Parents. When Father goes to the spirit world. Sooner or later he will go. Korea is the third Israel. You are going to set up heavenly law. What God is doing is what will set up heavenly law. Father feels that 50 years ago Father predicted email and internet. Some members at Ehwa Women's University said that Father is crazy. American ministers were blind. Now the Christian ministers believe in True Parents. They see Father connected with the Bible and the Biblical quotes. Would they have found the Messiah just by the Bible.

Father has received more fortune form the things they receive from True Parents. These precious things that your husband and wife have you must take care so seriously. Each necktie and clothes have a number. One day you should take a picture with your Cheon Il Guk ID card. Here are 5 different races here. Whatever Father used. You should care about that one. I wonder if American brothers and sisters are serious to attend True Parents. Time has come that there is no shadow. Three different ages. This is registration meaning of the 21 day workshop at Cheong Pyeong Lake. There is the Church level blessing, then tribal blessing. You must pay indemnity to be qualified to be a blessed couple. There is a different thing because of the fall. Father began asking you to learn Korean in 1980. How much effort did you give to learn Korean. Today fighting is going on in the Presidential election. Unification Church members must live with the Communist people. Enemy peoples are Cain and Abel. Because of that the Elder son. Christian ministers, Bishop Stallings, Bishop Johnson, if you follow Father, even you are persecuted, you will succeed and be praised even by your enemy. Some people think this is a dream.

Did Dr. Sang Hun Lee make this happen in the spirit world? No. Father gave direction to make it happen. Through Heung Jin Nim I'm doing. Stallings, what is your name. Stalin or Stallings? You should be God's side dictator. Stallings are you the boss of the Unification church? (Bishop Stallings: I repent Father). That is good. I like repentance. John the Baptist and Jesus said, repent for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand. You cannot go your own way. Only God's teaching is one way.

You must deny yourself first. You must deny yourself completely. God treated me far worse than Satan. Then God would promise by putting Father in hell and then Father had to climb up out of hell. Father moved forward no matter what. Father moved forward to develop this heavenly providence. Do you understand. When you do to the spirit world you will find out all of these things.

Father saved UN. America rejected the UN and Father stood up and embraced it. That saved the UN. America could not solve its own problem. Aids, drugs, homosexuality and free sex. Iraq is not the priority. How can America think about being righteous when it can't solve its own problems. This is a serious time. Father is now being received as the Messiah by Christianity. Father is looking at this country as an enemy but Father is treating this country totally as a Son. Father wants to save N. Korea. Father wants to sacrifice the Unification Church. Father invested everything to save this country. Because Korea is suffering because of America. True Parents could be the President of N. and S. Korea. Father is not interested in that.

That's why you use the word of God. This is a powerful word. You can use the truth as armament. Atomic bombs are not as powerful as the Word. .

Have confidence, you have power, brain and guts. The hand is like labor. Father is Savior, Messiah, Second Coming and True Parents. By 2004 in April. Father would be here 34 years. By then Father will save this country. If it doesn't respond Father will work with Russia and China. However, America is prepared.

Father gives you this hardship. This is indemnity. Father met up with President Bush and gave a hard time. Father gave Korean president hard time. I told them to receive the education of the Principle. If they reject we will see what happens to them.

Then there is no way to go. End of the time. This is such a serious time. Bishop Stallings, be careful. Father saved Bishop Milingo. Father knows the secrets of the Vatican. But he remains silent waiting for them to repent. Father knows the secrets of America.

What you need is absolute faith, love and obedience. This is the same level as God. You must come to that level.

(Father then bequeathed his inheritance)

You must keep these things in Heaven forever. In America there are so many precious things here. You must fulfill your responsibility. You must uplift your True Parents.

The way of the Principle must be done. Father now made the foundation of the earthly life. Inside, outside. The male is the subject position. Like at the UN and the Second Israel. We must embrace and then we will win.

America we made a foundation here with Christian ministers, now the Amb. For Peace are established. Now True Parents situation is established. True parents now will overcome and find the foundation of your blessing.

Now you will become better than the saints and the son of God. You become the elder brother of Jesus and you must work for the Coronation of God's Kingship. True Parents gave everything. Cain dealt with Satan and Abel embraces Cain and liberates. American brothers and sisters you must fulfill your mission.

Those are the ideas of what we must accomplish with the second Israel. That is what we did. That is the Rally for the Settlement of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. Parents of Heaven and Earth and the Holy Burning ceremony. There are no more barriers that you need to worry about.

Now is time to go back to your hometown. You go back to your own country where you were born. Three nations, Father, Son and Grandson then through the UN we can connect to the whole world. That is the time we are in now.

Please today centering on these precious things. You will receive great love. That way you can liberate God and True Parents. This is such a precious thing.

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