Unification News for January 2003

The 20th Day of Victory of Love

Pledge service began January 2, 2003 with True Parents entering and going to their special area on the stage to the left (from the audiences view) of the offering table. A small flat screen monitor was placed on the large table in front of True Parents from which they can watch all the proceedings.

Hoon Sook Nim and her son came and lit the candles as Father and Mother did the day before. The offering table is very similar to the God's day offering. Hoon Sook Nim lit the candles in the same way Father did. Center candle first then far right and left and alternating from outside to the center. Hoon Sook Nim and her son did Kyung Beh before the altar and Heung Jin Nim's picture which is sitting on True Parents chairs behind the altar. Then all of the True Children gave Kyung Beh. Then all of the Blessed Couples centering on Rev. Kwak.

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