Unification News for January 2003

Coronation Ceremony For God's Kingship

Sun Myung Moon

This is from a speech given on January 13, 2003 at Chungpyung Lake. Notes by Rev. Michael Jenkins, translation by Rev. John Hong.

Hana means one. Nim means respected. God is the respected one. It is beautiful. However how many nims should we have? Just one? No. Always we need a pair. That's why when you look at your face you see two eyes, two nostrils. What about the mouth it is just one? No it has two lips. Without the lips coming together the mouth will not work.

Did you know that God expected his children to be better than him. He wanted his children to become better than God. I see some Ambassadors For Peace, some of you are thinking, I'm powerful, I don't have to listen to these Unification church ideas. I have money, I have power. But what power do you have. What does every man need? Another handsome man? No!! Man needs woman.

God is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. Woman loves man, man loves woman - can money buy love? What is the shape of love? What is the central place of love. Is it the top of the head? What is the central place of love in the man? Man and woman need each other.

God needs his Nim. Who is God's Nim? Who is God's love being. Is it an ugly Nim? God is longing for one love being. Is God a man or woman? I want to know. Is God a man or woman? God is the harmony of both. God's attributes are the harmony of the dual characteristics of masculinity and femininity. To make a memorable kiss. You need a person to kiss. Which one is more important? Man's love organ or woman's love organ. Woman's womb is deep inside. Woman has a place deep inside from which God's children are born. It's a very mysterious special place that brings forth God's children. How precious. When you come together with your spouse all your senses are mobilized.

Man wants to touch in every way this secret place of his spouse. The whole of man's body is mobilized to look for true love. Why does a lady put on cosmetics? She is longing for love. Longing can deepen us. Sometimes loneliness can make us grow. When I was suffering in prison I found out how sweet water can taste. Through suffering we come to appreciate how precious water is.

Therefore what about God, he has been longing for all of human history for his love object to appear. His love object is man and woman. What is the savior. He is the central person that can connect with God. What about the woman. Why does she wear earrings and wear a earrings? Because she loves the mans love organ. Woman is attached to man. Then she wears a necklace to attract and find a man. Love is the guiding principle. In the third stage women put on a ring.

If you love organ doesn't work well can you buy another one? Love is the most precious thing. Therefore the most precious thing to God is when his love partner man and woman fulfill the purpose of creation.

How much do you understand and believe in the fact that Father made the Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship. True Parents did this. God couldn't do it. It was mans responsibility. Adam and Eve should have crowned God. After the coronation then Father did the Realm of Life, the Rally for the Unified Harmony of Heaven and Earth. Then Father allowed the Holy Burning Ceremony. Then Father started the movement of peace settlement. To connect and move the heart of God we must prepare for God's settlement. Then when you explain and understand this process God is deeply moved. God is deeply moved by these accomplishments. That is why God sent a letter to True Parents.

Therefore God's way is always the way of sacrifice. That is why God is now sacrificing the Abel families of the Unification Church world wide to save Cain and develop Cheon Il Guk.

Where are the Ambassadors for Peace? Do you understand the meaning of the Unification of North and South Korea. Do you know that if you follow my direction that we have the power to unify North and South Korea in 40 days. You have to know that.

Some Ambassadors for Peace are Buddhist, some are Christians. We have to work as one. The Unification of North and South Korea is not only the concern of Koreans. It concerns America. To accomplish Unification Korea needs Americas help. Through America Korea can be united. Thank you Ambassadors for Peace for coming today.

Father received more persecution from Satan than anyone in history. God persecuted me more than Satan. I know God's love. God couldn't explain to Father why he had to do the Coronation ceremony. I had to discover it on my own. Adam and Eve should have had the Coronation Ceremony.

Many world intelligence agencies are listening to me. They know I predicted the fall of communism many years before it occurred. After WWII if Christianity united with me then in 7 years the world would have been bright and secure. Now its 56 years later. We could restore everything. Christianity in America is united with me. If Maria Pak would have supported me Korea would have gone a different way.

Now I am bringing the whole world here to unify this nation. What is my purpose? To make a political movement. No. We are educational. I'm standing beyond any organization in the Parents position. Ambassador for Peace is in the position of the Archangel. Then you have the Tribe that you have blessed in your area. Then you have the Unification Church leaders and Blessed Central Families are in the position of the priest.

You must determine that you will follow no matter what. Tong Ban Kyok Pa. Breakthrough on the neighborhood level.

One Million just rallied in North Korea -- they are serious. Can we rally like that in the South. If America listens to me it will resolve everything. North Korea must listen and the South must listen. The key leaders in the North respect me and trust me. They know that I'm in the parents role.

What is this years motto "Let Our Family Perfect A True Family Of Filial Children, Patriots, Saints And Divine Sons And Daughters In Cheon IL Guk, Through True Love." "Cheon Il Guk - Pyun Hwa Tongil Kajong Tang" -- House of the Peaceful Unified Family in Cheon Il Guk. What is our method. Hago Kyoyuk. (Teaching and Education) This is the best way to bring Unification. Through education concerning the family. True Parents are the savior, to save the nation and unify all religions.

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