Unification News for January 2003

Chung Pyung Workshop for Leaders

As directed by True Parents, the Fifty-day Special Workshop for all leaders in Korea, Japan, America and the Six Continents is being held from 21 December 2002 to 8 February 2003 at Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center as an important event for reflecting upon the closing second year and ushering in the new third year of the Cheon Il Guk and for all leaders worldwide to inherit the heart and tradition of True Parents and raise their ability and qualification as leader of the Cheon Il Guk.

On the afternoon of Saturday, December 21st, some 1,000 leaders from over the world gathered for the opening ceremony which began with holy songs, bows and the family pledge led by FFWPU Korea Witnessing Department Director Rev. Son Byung-ho and an invocation offered by National Messiah to Italy Rev. Song Geun-sik, followed by a opening address by IIFWP International Chairman Rev. Dr. Kwak Chung-hwan, ending with holy songs and unison prayer.

Rev. Dr. Kwak informed the assembly of True Parentsí direction for the workshop to be held annually in order to establish the tradition of reflecting upon the past year and of making resolutions for starting the new year. He stressed that this workshop should be a time of rebirth for us as important figures before Heung-jin nim and Dae-mo nim, and leaders must research and study True Parents' Word. We are directed to study the Divine Principle, Unification Thought, Victory Over Communism (VOC) Theory and the Messages from the Spirit World. Only Head-Wing Thought can unify the spiritual and physical worlds and we must prepare for this in the coming year of 2003. Leaders should not think of this workshop as ordinary, but set themselves the goal of establishing a certain mindset and standard of faith through it.

After a short break, FFWPU International President Rev. Dr. Hwang Sun-jo explained the meaning and process of the workshop which is taking place during the time of providential spring. True Parents had staged many events. It is now all up to us. We must henceforth take full responsibility as qualified owners of the Cheon Il Guk.

2001 as the inaugural year of the Cheon Il Guk was for establishing the nation; 2002 was for establishing the people through the various rallies for the completed settlement of the Cheon Il Guk; and 2003 has great significance for confirming the sovereignty of Cheon Il Guk.

President Hwang concluded by emphasizing the items to seriously bear in mind while preparing our hearts to receive the new year of 2003 in the course of the workshop.

The proceedings in Korean were translated into Japanese and English and transmitted by FM radio to the worldwide leadership in attendance, who listened with rapt attention, concentrating on Father's Word while forgetting all fatigue.

The workshop daily schedule begins at 5 a.m. with hoondokhae and concludes with the midnight prayer at the Jeong Shim Won (Prayer Hall).

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