Unification News for January 2003

Unificationist Calendar for January 2003

1 36th True God's Day

2 20th Day of the Victory of Love

3 14th Anniversary Tribal Messiahship

4 Shin Choon Nim's 12th birthday

5 Hyo Jin Nim's 40th birthday

7 Choong Mo Nim's Memorial Day

8 5th Anniversary Liberation Proclamation

10 Kook Jin Nim & Soon Ju Nim's Blessing

11 2nd Generation 72-Couple Blessing

12 14th Anniversary of 1275-Couple Blessing

13 2nd Anniversary God's Coronation

16 Hyung Jin Nim's 27th birthday

21 Shin Yul Nim's 10th Birthday

26 Jun Sook Nim's 35th birthday

27 2nd Anniversary 400 Million Blessing

28 Shin Gil Nim's 15th Birthday

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