Unification News for January 2003

Unificationist Calendar for February 2003

1 Hoon Sook Nim's 40th birthday

3 Yeon Jin Nim's 22nd birthday

5 Hyo Jin Nim & Yun Ah Nim's Blessing

6 True Parents' Birthday

7 4th Anniversary 360 Million Blessing

8 28th Anniversary 1800 Blessing

13 3rd Anniversary 400 Million Blessing

16 1st Anniversary 400 Million Blessing

17 Shin Man Nim's 3rd birthday

20 In Jin Nim and Heung Jin Nim's Blessings

21 Kwon Jin Nim's 28th birthday

22 Anniversary of Father Entering Heungnam

23 27th Day of Victory of Earth

27 Parents of Heaven and Earth Declaration

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