Unification News for January 2003

Arts Festival to be Held at UTS

Both True Parents and Hyun Jin Nim are advocating a new Culture of Heart. Unification Thought asserts that an "appreciator feels joy by sensing his or her own sungsang and hyungsang through the work of art." This reveals that art has the ability to bring people back to their original mind. It can inspire others and facilitate emotions they haven't felt before. Viewers of the arts created by blessed children can receive the emotional side of our movement. This will be beneficial to them, as they may not be open to our intellectual teachings yet. Blessed children have the ability to transform others through their art.

The BC Arts Festival seeks to showcase the arts in our movement. It was created by Clair Hoover and Akina Toffey to develop a community of artists. It views the arts as an invaluable witnessing tool to be used for outreach. Furthermore, the BC Arts Fest regards the arts as a viable church mission and hopes to share these ideas with the second generation.

By creating the BC Arts Festival, we want to support the Second Generation in their artistic endeavors. In encouraging their pursuits, we will remind them that people are created in Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother's own image. This means that He wanted to create us, His objects, for His joy. We, in turn, are naturally inclined to create. Blessed Children already have the spiritual background needed to produce inspiring, yet truthful, works of art. They only need to develop the hyungsang part -- knowledge of physical materials. Moreover, the Arts Festival wants to provide Second Generation with a fresh view of art in our movement. We want to appreciate and encourage the talents of Blessed Children for the sake of the providence.

We want to create a community of second gen and an opportunity to establish a supporting network. By having an art show, various musical performances and a poetry reading, we want to provide inspiration for both the older and younger blessed children. Also, by having a small workshop, we want to provide guidance for second generation.

The Schedule will be (changes permitting): March 28th (Friday Night) Dinner, Registration, Orientation. March 29th (Saturday) Morning to afternoon: workshop (3 to 4 short lectures, breakout discussions, panel discussions) Evening: Art Show, Performances

March 30th (Sunday) Sunday Service, Conclusion at noon. Any questions or comments are welcome. The BC Arts Festival's email is bcartsfest@hotmail.com

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