Unification News for December 2002

Joint Victory Celebrations for Korean Soccer Clubs

Ilhwa Chunma (Pegasus) and Sun Moon University Soccer Clubs jointly celebrated their victories in the Korean League and National University Championship at a banquet held in their honor on the night of Thursday, 28 November 2002 at the Seoul Ritz Carlton Hotel. The event was attended by some 200 officials and representatives of various organizations affiliated with the Unification Movement, including the two clubs.

Following the invocation by the President of the Association of Religions, Mr. Jae-suk Lee, Family Federation President Hwang Sun-jo offered congratulatory bouquets and gifts to Chunma’s Manager Cha Kyung-bok and Captain Shin Tae-Yong, and Sun Moon’s Manager Kim Chang-ho and Captain Go Bum-soo, before delivering his laudatory speech.

In his address, President Hwang said, "The moment True Father saw Chunma win the league (via live transmission), he called me to share his joy over the victory and directed me to invite the players and their families in order to convey the message of his congratulations and encouragement to them. Father has been working comprehensively for peace worldwide. His love and support of soccer form part of his efforts to realize world peace. Your victory following the will of the club’s founder greatly contributed to world peace in the field of sports. Our family members not only in Korea but also in 195 countries around the world are cheering and celebrating your success."

Chunma’s General Director Park Kyu-nam and Sun Moon University President Lee Kyung-june conveyed their greetings and appreciation. Mr. Park shared his difficult moments of the past, together with the strong emotions that welled up in him with Chunma’s triumph. He had invested his all with the determination of staking his life to follow Father's direction to ensure that the team would repeat the previous year’s result and successfully defend their title as Korean League Champions. He expressed his profound joy and congratulated all staff members, players and their families.

The evening ended on a high note amidst much festive joy and merrymaking.

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