Unification News for December 2002

FFWPU Group Tours North Korea

Between last October 19th and November 7th, a total of some 300 people were given a guided tour of the Pyonghwa (Peace) Motors Nampo Assembly Plant in North Korea. Three hundred Ambassadors for Peace, Family Federation representatives and other leaders of providential organizations visited North Korea in three groups. This was the first time South Korean citizens have been invited to the North as tourists since North Korea initiated a policy of more openness.

The program was hosted by the Pyonghwa Motor Company and sponsored by FFWPU (President: Rev. Dr. Hwang Sun-jo) and organized in three groups each numbering about 100 people, successively visiting and staying in North Korea for five days and four nights.

Besides the Pyonghwa Motors plant located in Nampo City, the tour itinerary included the birthplace of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon in Jeongju, North Pyongan Province, Man Su Dae Art Theatre, the Arch of Triumph, Mount Myohyang, Kim Il-sung's birthplace, Changgwang Kindergarten and Man Gyeong Dae Student Palace.

It was actually Chairman Kim Jong-il himself who had selected the 330,000 pyong-plot of land (equivalent to almost 110 hectares or about 275 acres) as the best possible site for the Pyonghwa Motors Assembly Plant in Nampo City, where the construction of the general factory and the repair workshop has already been completed. The groundbreaking ceremony took place in February and production of the "Whistle" model began in April. The North Korean government has ordered 300 units and another fourteen were sold out in a four-day car show in Pyongyang from 17th to 20th September. According to a spokesperson for the sponsor, the tour would become a regular program as a result of its immense success.

Since her February 2000 visit to North Korea, WFWP International President Moon Lan-young has been developing the "One Percent Movement to Love North Korea" with a view to raise a hundred million won. At present, she has reached seventy percent of the amount targeted. The funds raised will be used for the production of milk, powdered milk and flour for children, and outfits for female laborers.

Donors of the "One Percent Movement to Love North Korea" contribute a thousand won monthly. Those interested in participating can visit the website www.wfwp.or.kr (truewomen@wfwp.org) or directly call the WFWP in Seoul at (82-2) 749-1497.

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