Unification News for December 2002

DC Ministers Task Force

by Rev. James Stewart

The excitement was high November 19, 2002 and the spirit was higher and moving as the ministers task force gathered at the United Federation of Churches building in Washington DC. The pastors were gathering from all over the country for the task of reaching out to all the churches and religious leaders in the greater DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia areas. The reason? To invite all people to the National Blessing for Reconciliation to be held on December 7, 2002.

The breakfast started at 10:00 am and each day more and more ministers arrived in to the DC area. After testimonies, reports, song and praise, we teamed with the Japanese sisters and the local members -- just like MFT teams -- and went out to proclaim the new day of the Lord.

The testimonies in the morning meeting were powerful and intensely moving.

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