Unification News for December 2002

Ambassadors for Peace Meet in Argentina to Strengthen Social and National Peace

by Miguel Werner, translation by Ricardo de Sena

On November 30, 2002 the General Meeting for Ambassadors for Peace was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was a formal end of the year meeting sponsored by the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace (IIFWP). With an audience of approximately 170 leaders representing all walks of life, the event was a tremendous success. A head table with four distinguished speakers made a great impact on the participants who at the end of the program expressed their joy and inspiration in a very friendly atmosphere.

The first speaker was Mr. Motoo Furuta, Senior Advisor of IIFWP Argentina. In his brief message he emphasized the potentiality of Argentina at this "moment of transition, in which the nation could play a leading role not only in South America, but also in the world." The second speaker was Dr. Jesús Blasnik, President of IIFWP Argentina, whose speech was direct and profound. Going to the point, he encouraged everyone to seek perfection, the way our conscience guides us to go and to build true peace, "which begins inside of each one of us."

Mr. Ricardo de Sena, IIFWP Deputy Secretary-General for Latin America and the Caribbean, conveyed with passion and firm conviction the message of IIFWP International Chairman, Rev. Dr. Chung Hwan Kwak, which is also the vision and hope of the founder, the Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, that the Ambassadors for Peace become people who, "live for the sake of others." Mr. de Sena went on to explain in detail, the role and mission of the Ambassadors for Peace, emphasizing that they, "must be involved to end current conflicts, but also work hard in order to prevent future ones."

Mr. de Sena also stressed the need for Argentina to support the establishment of an Interreligious Council at the UN, which will allow for international conflicts to be resolved by going beyond the current national interests defended by each diplomatic representative. This was one of the recommendations made by the Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon in his speech, "Renewing the United Nations and Building a Culture of Peace," at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on August 18th, 2000 during Assembly 2000.

The Peacemakers

Mr. Gustavo Giuliano, president of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, gave a lecture on, "The Spirit World and Marriage", explaining the relationship between our physical life on earth and the next life in the spirit world. A very colorful power point presentation demonstrated the reality of the invisible substantial world and the interaction between the "physical self" and the "spiritual self" in each individual. The conclusion was the crucial role of the family during our life on earth and the significance and sanctity of the sexual organs, through which love is consummated, life is transmitted and lineage is inherited.

Mr. Luciano Cámara, Secretary-General IIFWP Argentina, introduced the structure of IIFWP in Argentina and encouraged all participants to work harder the following year. He also gave a brief report on the accomplishments during 2001-2002, which included educational seminars, service projects, rededication marriage celebrations, the Campaign for Values-Based Sexual Education Programs and various events appointing Ambassadors for Peace.

At the end, Mr. Cámara announced the sponsoring of IIFWP grants for participants to the 21-Day International Youth Seminar, which will be held in Buenos Aires, in January 2003 and encouraged the Ambassadors for Peace to be the leaders who actively participate in all areas providing projects for the sake of the nation.

Both the content of the speakers as well as the organization of the event moved the hearts of the participants as well as the staff of the "Centro Cultural General San Martín," where the event took place. During the break, a very warm spirit of fellowship was felt; it was an occasion where barriers were truly removed among the different leaders of society.

Among the many testimonies, Mahatma Sergio Griffa, Regional representative for Latin America of Amma Mission (Hinduism) said, "I am impressed by the power of this convocation, with so many leaders. Only the power of love can gather together what cannot be gathered together and unite what cannot be united. I believe this power will unite the world. All these leaders together can make the world walk in a different direction. I can now feel that the change will come, with the certainty that it is already happening. Here I can see a profound vision, a commitment to say, "I agree and I am going with it."

Mr. Segundo Flores, journalist and editor of the newspaper, El Mundo said, "It has been an impressive meeting, because the fundamental principles by which IIFWP was created were met tonight. It is good to spread the news about this because there are people who donít know about it. There are so many problems, and we the Ambassadors for Peace must work to end the many injustices we face today. We must work for the education of our people so Argentina can go forward, to create true world peace and to end selfishness. The Ambassadors for Peace must commit themselves to solve the problems of society."

Ms. Amelia Pérez, a teacher indicated that, "Itís a great opening. The way is less narrow and many can walk on this path. It is a moment of union that should go beyond death. It touches me deep inside and is the only interdisciplinary proposal with religious values. I believe that the current concept of nation will disappear. A brand new concept of nation must emerge, not with a single currency, but with common spiritual values. We are making a strong call for participation, in which the world and the cosmos are involved."

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