Unification News for December 2002

Ministering Ministers in Massachusetts

by Rev. Bismarck Bamfo

As of Friday, November 29th, 2002, Block-wide Divine Principle Study Groups for Clergy are off to a good start here in Boston, MA! Three attendees of the recent Nationwide Workshop in DC. inspired by the need to understand more, came from different parts of Massachusetts and Connecticut to study from 4:00 to 6:00 PM. Furthermore, plans are set for nine more ministers to be attending the upcoming Nationwide Workshops in Chicago and L.A.

Being the inaugural event it was, time was spent in receiving an overall consensus regarding various questions, issues and concerns the ministers had. After which an appropriate part of the Principle (covering growth and human responsibility) was suggested by Rev. Kil Hwan Kim.

Bishop Skyers shared a dream/vision he'd had on Christmas morning 2001 in which Rev. Moon came and spoke in his home. Before he arrived, there had apparently what seemed like secret service men coming ahead to make sure everything was safe. Also while he spoke, there were many that had gathered outside the house. From this, Bishop Skyers could get a better understanding of the value of his ministry.

It was agreed that always the ministers' primary concern is how to take what God has given and offer it in ways that their congregations can receive it. In the nationwide event, they felt there was so much content given and that it is now good to have the opportunity to go over it all again and in an ongoing weekly basis.

A point came up concerning our attitude towards the Divine Principle and the Bible. Are they just to be believed? Rev. Wright shared how he'd received so much insight from the Bible with the Divine Principle understanding. As we discussed together it became clear of the Divine Principle as a foundational word or text which can be applied (without being lost) to solving what has appeared to be unsolvable problems in the Bible and in the secular world as well. Rev. Moon's application of that word expresses itself in now over 400 volumes (and growing) of his speeches as well as many organizations founded.

Another point addressed in this meeting, concerned the "Clouds of Witnesses." One minister expressed how important it was to keep up with the different Providential developments (like "Clouds") as they develop no matter how controversial.

Another wondered why, if he wanted to reach the many ministers and their congregations, would Rev. Moon bring this out? Also, should this be a subject tackled in the study group or should more basic things like creation, ?c be deal with? His thought was that with the clarity of the Principle, the already common issues could be better addressed with their congregations. Through their being deeply nurtured With the Principle, then they could "take on" the difficult and controversial areas without being blown away.

As it was, then with this study, we looked into the Divine Principle's word on Creation and we spoke about the "Clouds." It looks like a conclusion was that various issues will be addressed as they come up, week by week.

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