Unification News for December 2002

December 7th Blessing

by Rev. Michael Jenkins

Dear Leaders and Brothers and Sisters,

Again, our True Parents established another incredible victory for all mankind through the Interreligious and International World Peace Blessing and Marriage Rededication Ceremony. Over 1200 couples filled the Marriott Crystal Gateway on December 7th.

The hall was overflowing with couples. Dr. Yang gave a welcome address along with Congressman Matt Salmon of Arizona. Then the nationally famous pastor and friend of many presidents the Rev. Dr. E.V. Hill gave an inspiring address. He said that God has blessed the movement of Rev. Moon and it is focused on Jesus and the Family. He gave a heartfelt testimony concerning marriage and family life. He and his wife were delighted with the Blessing ceremonies. Dr. Hill said, "God meant for me to be with you. All races and religions are here. I am meant to be with you and know you and become your brother."

Then a reconciliation ceremony was held in which representatives of Islam (Imam Elahi), Christianity (Bishop Floyd Nelson) and Judaism (Rabbi David Ben Ami) as the sons of Abraham joined together and embraced and then signed the resolution that they would end the strife of history by blessing all families beyond the boundaries of race religion and culture.

Then Senator Larry Pressler represented the Free World and Rev. Chris Hempowicz represented the Communist World and they embraced. Then Rev. Jesse Edwards and Bishop C. Phillip Johnson embraced as white and black. Then an very special moment came when American Indians led by Guyokla came a reconciled their sad history in America. Many wept as True Parents power is now resolving all the strife between heaven and earth.

Then the formal blessing ceremony began.

Rev. Kwak gave the historical blessing address giving in depth meaning to the Blessing as an eternal marriage before heaven and earth. World level religious leaders gave prayers of blessing for the couples. Imam Elahi for Islam, Bishop Floyd Nelson Christianity, Rabbi Ben Ami Judaism. Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and the American Indians all gave prayers. A special moment came when Imam W. Deen Muhammad the founder and leader of the Muslim American Society came and gave another special prayer. He went to meet Father and Mother after the blessing and had a great in which he pledged that he would lead his movement to work to bless and strengthen families and bring world peace.

Then the attendants entered in a glorious procession and then the Concelebrant Blessed Clergy then led the procession of religious leaders. They were joined by the Rabbi and the Imam. Then to the Halleluia chorus the Co Officiators our True Parents entered in procession. All were standing in applause as the atmosphere of the room became rich with joy and happiness.

The Holy Water ceremony was conducted by True Parents with 8 representative couples representing couples matched by True Parents directly. Many represented enemies especially Japan and America. At the same time the Concelebrant clergy also administered the Holy Water. During True Parent's prayer the clergy stood with hands raised over the couples while True Parents prayed. This way the clergy have joined as one heart with True Parents.

Then the vows, ring ceremony and the proclamation of blessing was given by True Father. Then three cheer of Monsei. Flowers were presented by Rev. Dr. H.G. McGhee who persecuted our movement for 25 years. He and his newly blessed couple attended. Gifts were presented by a newly blessed couple Mike Stewart and Elizabeth Boninni.


Preceding the Blessing and to add more educational content, Rev. Phillip Schanker led a symposium sponsored by IIFWP and ACLC on the theme of the Pearl Harbor Day and the reconciliation of all enemies. Imam Elahi of the Islamic House of Wisdom, Senator Pressler, Congressman Matt Salmon, Mr. Ichiuji of the Japan America Council, Bishop Stallings, Rev. Jenkins, Dr. Yang, Dr. Kaufman , Rabbi David Ben Ami, Mr. Yokoyama, Indian Chief Ernie Longwalker and Mr. Antonio Betancourt and many other scholars and religious leaders gave insights on reconciliation. Since Japan and America who were enemies could reconcile they become a model for Islam and Christianity, Black and White and all other enemies to reconcile. This laid the foundation for the incredible blessing ceremony.

We are deeply grateful for Rev. Kwak, Dr. Yang and Mr. Joo, Rev. Lee and all the leaders and Blessed Central Families who contributed to this victory. We are particularly grateful for the 21 Christian leaders that worked directly for three weeks to witness to the One Family One Church churches that were cultivated by our Blessed Central Families. Also the ministers harvested a great increase of new clergy from the churches that the Japanese missionaries cultivated since the 144,000 couple blessing.

Many times the Japanese missionaries were kicked out of churches and persecuted and reviled. However, since they persevered the Clergy in America are feeling an incredible sense of the sincerity of such missionaries. Now a new dispensation has unfolded from the time of the September 14th Blessing. The real front line between the battle to bring the unity of all Christianity is now being led by the Christian Blessed Clergy, especially those who attended the Divine Principle workshop in Ocean City, MD in October.

On the foundation of the Clouds of Witnesses and the Divine Principle a new wave of confidence has swept the clergy. Bishop Stallings, Rev. Edwards, Bishop C. Phillip Johnson and many clergy who were trained and educated from around the nation went out and signed up the clergy couples. It was overwhelming. One of our white ministers got in a fight with an Assembly of God minister about True Parents being anointed by Jesus as the Second Coming. As they fought the minister felt the power of Jesus working through him and finally he surrendered and said that he felt the Holy Spirit coming through our ACLC clergy.

Thanks America. The blessing movement is expanding to all nations, races and religions proclaiming the Messiah, Savior, and King of Kings. The Kingdom of God has come upon the earth. Let us rejoice.

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