Unification News for November 2002

New Blessing Video Created

by Chris Davies

At last, a Unification Family Church event captured on video that you don’t have to feel -- Great, but I could never show my friends and family this!

"The Blessing" is a 50 minute made-for-TV documentary about the 144,000 Clergy Couples in Washington DC and around the world, on April 27th of this year. The program is a fascinating, objective, behind-the-scenes look at what it took to successfully pull off that historical event. The Video is Available in VHS PAL and NTSC, and DVD

Finally there is a way to let ordinary people understand about God and True Parents’ Providence. You know, your parents and relatives in distant cities, your neighbors, old friends from high school and college -- even colleagues at work. It’s perfect if you want to share something inspiring, enlightening and at times even hilarious, but don’t want to go over the top.

The past two or three years have seen a remarkable breakthrough in the cooperative work with Christian ministers and other religious leaders, especially in the United States. Yet until now, the testimony of these men and women of faith has been largely unavailable to the general public.

A different kind of video

"The Blessing" has no narrator or ‘voice of God’ telling the viewer what to think. Instead, the story is told through the authentic voices of the many pastors, rabbis and imams involved, as well as some of the key staff -- not least the amazing Japanese sisters who contributed so much to the April 27th event’s success. It tells the moving human story of the struggles and sacrifices many of them have faced to come this far. Yes, there was opposition to the event and even some of the protesters have their say too.

Program Director Andrew Davies, is from England. He got the idea for making a documentary whilst listening to an ACLC presentation given by Rev. Mike Jenkins and Archbishop George Stallings in Cheong Pyong last winter. "Actually, that presentation was the first I had ever heard of ACLC," he said. "It completely blew me away as there’s nothing on this scale happening in Europe, or anywhere else. At the time I was still feeling pretty mad about the latest BBC hatchet job on our movement. So this, I thought, is a story crying out to be told!"

Andrew was lucky to find a sympathetic ‘fellow traveler’ in Mike Balcomb. "Mike as producer made it happen. Without him the program would have remained just another good idea", he added.

A couple of months later, Andrew and two camera crews -- the other headed by S. Kinney -- were criss-crossing America following the national evangelists, Archbishop George Stallings Jr. and Rev. Dr. Charles Kenyatta, on the "Stand for Family and Save the Nation" tour. At the end of it, Andrew had more than 80 hours of footage that had to be cut down into less than one hour.

The end result is a truly fascinating look at an extraordinary event. As well as aiming for a broadcast audience the program is also available as a video or DVD. It will inspire you, and perhaps even bring you closer to your family, your friends and relatives -- especially if all they know is from more hostile sources. In fact it could be the ideal Christmas gift!

The program can be previewed online at: blessingvideo.worldcarp.org and is available in VHS Video and DVD or ordered direct from World CARP HQ.

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