Unification News for November 2000

The Korean Language Institute of Sun Moon University

2001-1 Academic Year Students Enrollment

A. Content of Education:

Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening , Religious Education, Korean Culture and History, Cultural Training, etc.

B. Process of Education:

Three Levels of Regular Courses: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced

C. Period of Education: 2000. 3. 8 – 2000. 6. 27

D. Course Schedule: 20 hours of classroom instruction, each week. Classes meet 5 days a week Monday through Friday, for 4 hours per day from 9:00 to 13:00. The program gives them extensive practices in listening, speaking, reading and writing Korean while covering grammar, composition, vocabulary development, Korean culture and history, religious education, cultural training, etc. Out of lessons in the classrooms, we conduct various activities such as conferences about the Korean Culture and Tradition. We also provide our students with opportunity to visit various historical sites in Korea through Culture Tours, etc.

E. Lodging: The school provides students with accommodation facilities in its campus dorm. It's up to student to choose whether living in the campus dorm or renting a house in town.

F. Student Advising. Faculty advisors keep track of students' academic progress, assist and guide them about all kind of difficulties they may face in a foreign country.

G. Fees / Term

1. Tuition 1,520,000Won including a non-refundable fee for Registration. The fee for registration are 80,000Won for new applicants and 40,000Won for those who re-apply.

2. Other Expenses

• Lodging Expenses: 800,000 (including meals)

• Cultural trips 100,000 Won

• Textbook 50,000 Won

Out of these expenses, the applicants are advised to provide enough money to cover the living expenses especially for their first days in Korea.

H. Application Documents and Deadlines: Applicants should send all the required documents to the address below to be received by January 10.

1. Application Documents

• A completed application form (this form may be obtained from the KLI by

writing to its office.)

• Certificate of health and injury insurance

• Health Certificate signed by a doctor

• Personal Resume.

Admission inquiry letters must be following by a notice of payment of US$70(no-refundable fee for registration) made to Mr. Lee Hun Ki through postal money order. Account # 310508-02-377479. Name of Institution: Chunan Post Office, Ministry of Information and

Communication of Korea. Please send us a copy of the receipt for remittance with the name of the applicant.

I. Visa Application. Applicants should apply for a training D-4 visa at the Korean Embassy or Consul in their countries. The tourist C-3 visa is improper. However, visa procedures vary slightly from one consulate or embassy to another. Before you apply for your visa, check with the office where you plan to apply in order to determine exactly what supporting documentation is required.

J. Free Airport Pick-Up Service (Aug. 17–19, 2000) - Time 10:00 to 16:00. This service is available to new students and especially to those entering Korea during the prescribed period. Once you get your visa, you should fax the relevant details of your flight schedule to 82-417-559-1339 at least three days prior your arrival to Korea.

K. Important Reminders

Applicants are advised to provide themselves with a round trip air ticket, clothing, stereo, 12 head-and shoulder photos (3cm—4cm) and other personal items as well as enough pocket money. Admission must be done at least 40 days prior to each session. Applications received after the deadline will be considered only if the course is not filled and sufficient time is left for visa processing.

The Korean Language Institute of Sun Moon University

#381-7, Samyung-Dong, Chunan-si, Chungnam, KOREA

TEL: 82-41-559-1333,4 / FAX: 82-41-559-1339

Internet: www.sunmoon.ac.kr e-mail: fredom72@hotmail.com

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