Unification News for November 2000

Angel, Oh Angel

We would like to send you a poem our 7-year old son wrote for a United Nations sponsored poetry, writing and art competition in Anchorage. The theme was International Peace. Please print on your children's page, if you have such a thing.. He won first place in the 1st-3rd grade group for his efforts. Rachel Paine, another of the blessed children here, won first prize in the art section for her age group. Here is the poem (attached).

We were stunned by his understanding of how simple and basic the solution to acheiving peace between nations really is.

Thank you

Jenny and Jim Leguineche (proud parents of Jacob)

Angel, Oh Angel

Angel, oh angel,

How do you make peace between nations?

I teach one man to love

And he teaches another man

And he teaches another

And so on.

Why do you make peace?

So we have a better world.



 By Jacob Leguineche
1st Grade, Chugach



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