Unification News for October 2000

Interreligious And International Federation For World Peace

International Public Service and a Culture of Peace
by Thomas Walsh

On September 29 - October 2, 2000 the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace sponsored its tenth International Seminar in London, England, with over 400 international delegates addressing the theme, "International Public Service and a Culture of Peace."

Seventy-seven nations were represented. The conference was co-sponsored by IIFWP International and IIFWP-Europe. Dr. Chung Hwan Kwak served as the Chairman, and Rev. Kwang-Kee Sa, as Co-Chair. The conference was the first collaborative effort between the international office of IIFWP and one of its continental offices. Due to very good communication and cooperation between the offices and their respective staffs, the conference was very well organized. Special appreciation is due to Mark Bramwell and Timothy Read from the European office.

The conference program centered on the theme of public service, promoting the ideal of "living for the sake of others." Session themes included the following: "Moral Foudations of a Culture of Peace," "The Moral, Social, and Global Significance of the Family," "Character Education," and "Models of International Public Service." Speakers included Dr. Wally N’Dow, Convener of the State of the World Forum, Dr. Neil Salonen, President of University of Bridgeport, Dr. Ninian Smart, Rowny Professor or Religious Studies at University of California Santa Barbara, Dr. Seriah Rein of Concerned Women for America, Dr. Gordon Anderson, Secretary General of Professors World Peace Academy, Dr. Kathy Winings of the International Relief Friendship Foundation, Dr. Frank Kaufmann of the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, Mr. Robert Jordan, an activist working with United Nations NGOs, Amb. Semakula Kiwanuka, Permanent Representative of Uganda to the United Nations, Ms. Mable Millner of Boston University, Dr. Ryszard Pachocinski of Warsaw University, Dr. Daria Brezinski of Integrated Learning Systems, Mr. Jack Corley of International Educational Foundation, Mr. Robin Graham of Global Teamtogether, Massimo Trombin and John Gehring both of the IRFF and Religious Youth Service, and others.

Many international dignitaries were in the audience, including Mrs. Mary Note, the First Lady from the Republic of the Marshall Islands, and the Hon. Arnold Ruutel, former President of Estonia, H.H. Mohsin Ali Kahn of Hyderabad, Hon Benasing Macarambon, a Senator from the Philippines, H.E. Alberto Pedrosa, Philippine Ambassador to Belgium, Amb. Badru Kettarega, Vice Chancellor of Kampala University, Dr. Frederika Rice, Executive Member of tghe UN Association of Great Britain.

According to participant testimony the conference was a huge and unqualified success, an indication of the great need for a clear moral vision for the twenty-first century. The IIFWP is proud to be the host of these seminars, and gratified by the results.

Following the conference, the IIFWP, along with representatives of the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations, sponsored a day of training for IIFWP delegates from around world who volunteered to participate in the development and implementation of an international educational program which emphasizes public service, character education, renewal of families worldwide, the dialogue among civilizations, and the strengthening of the United Nations. This educational program is expected to be co-sponsored by IIFWP and WANGO, and in collaboration with the United Nations.

Also, at the follow-up training program, the plans for the convening of an international conference for non-governmental organizations, co-sponsored by IIFWP and WANGO, and convened in New York on October 20-22, was announced and explained.  

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