Unification News for October 2000

National Parents Day Captures the Heart of High Desert

by Isabell S. Davati—Apple Valley, CA

The victorious foundation of National Parents Day in the Inland Empire was a base for us to move on to the High Desert in California. My vision was that NPD will be used as a vehicle to bring "Blessing" to families, especially those in the Christian communities.

Before I moved onto the High Desert, I asked the president of the Latter Day Saints, Richard Trask, and his wife (they received holy wine in 1998), to organize the Parents Day event in my absence in the Inland Empire area. President Trask is a popular leader in his community, well-respected by the city officials as well as the many churches that he oversees. He and his wife were happy to accept my offer.

Then I was at peace to move on to High Desert, knowing that the ideals of NPD (Pure Love Pledge and the Blessing) would go on.

I moved to the High Desert not knowing anyone. I started by visiting churches three times a week. On Sundays I would often start as early at 6 a.m. to go on the road and catch as many as three churches in the morning and two churches in the evening. I also started to go door-to-door and visit the families living in my community with the NPD flyers in my hand. I often met very good Christian families who guided me to their church leader or spoke of my behalf to their senior pastor. I had three months and 20 days to get 500 people plus the mayors, senator political and business leaders in the Victorvalley (High Desert) area.

It was a pioneering course and a lonely path to pave. The first two months were tense and hectic. Besides all the bills that I have to pay for my own living expenses and my house, I must dedicate myself as a full-time volunteer to the NPD and the Blessing project.

After two months of hard work, being on the road, traveling from one city to another in a car with no air conditioning in the 100 degree heat. I was about to give up and go back. Then suddenly, every week for four weeks, True Father and True Mother came to me in my dreams in a very intimate way and talked to me. So I realize that I was on the right track. I was encouraged by True Parents communicating with me in my dreams.

After two months of visiting the most prominent churches in the Victorville area, I held a dinner meeting and hosted more than seven different churches, plus community leaders from the city and school districts. They were very supportive. Most of them have been in the area for over 20 years and are very influential. They promised to do anything in their power to assist me in contacting different leaders in the community. The Latter Day Saints were the most generous in donating flowers, cookies, refreshments, film and manpower. Since I have never received any financial support from Pasadena headquarters, I was really grateful to all the Christian leaders for their contributions in making this event of memorable one.

The city of Victorville, with the approval of Mayor Terry Caldwell, waived the rental fee for the use of the auditorium. The choir and youth performance were offered by the First Baptist Church, Burning Bush Community Church, and the First Nazarene Church. The children's choir was furnished by the Academy of Excellence in Apple Valley. It was truly a unified community effort that made NPD events very successful and victorious. One of the LDS members who was working with the media set up a press release for NPD at Daily Press and the local radio station. Thus the crowd was overflowing and the auditorium was packed, yet people were jammed into the hallway, front yard and back yard.

We had five categories of honorees: Outstanding Grandparents, Parents, Students, Teachers, Best Employee of the Year, and Silent Hero. The Roy Rogers' wife, who is a dedicated Christian, was the recipient of the Outstanding Service to the Community award. Mrs. Dale Evans Rogers is the founder of Children's Foundation and her TV program is aimed at promoting God-centered organizations throughout the country.

The president of High Desert Bank was our master of ceremonies. He is a well-known good Samaritan in the community. I included some passages from True Father's speech from FFWP in my introduction. At the end the Pure Love Pledge was recited. Even though mayors and the Sacramento representative recited it. Yoshiko McClallan and John Holms served the Holy Wine. Era Thompson's support was admirable. True Parents' Blessing embraced every leader and their families. The program ended with an awesome victory for God.

The next day I had to attend the NPD event in Ontario. (Mrs. Ebmyer, president of the relief society at the High Desert LSD stake followed me as well.) This year's program was organized by Richard Trask and his wife, the LSD president in the Inland Empire, and our loyal friend, Bill Alexander, the mayor of Rancho Cucamonga. There were a few other mayors and Republican Assemblyman Bill Leonard. At the end the crowd held hands and recited the Pure Love Pledge in unison. Yoshiko McClallan distributed the Holy Wine.

And... Here goes another victory for God.

The surprise was that I was awarded public recognition and dozens of pink roses by the Christian churches who were participating in the NPD event. I truly felt rewarded by the community.

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