Unification News for August - September 1999

40th Wedding Anniversary and the Second Annual International Summer Fishing Tournament

by Gunnard Z. Johnston, Jr.—Vilnius, Lithuania

Some people say Alaska is America's final frontier, but I feel in many ways that Alaska is America's first frontier for the building of God's ideal world. Only a place like Kodiak, with its monumental abundance of natural beauty and resources, the sheer power and humbling enormity of Alaska, could qualify as a new starting point. Only an environment that features True Parents' personal initiatives as the number one ocean-related enterprises on that island can be recognized as a new beginning.

The spectacular majesty of the mountains, the boundless energy of the Pacific Ocean, the extensive array of fishing opportunities with so many good fish available, the clean crisp air, the relatively unspoiled atmosphere -- all this and more make Kodiak the ideal place to meet True Parents, the New Beginning of the Human Family. We were all invited -- on very short notice, as usual! -- to join with True Parents in celebrating Their 40th Wedding Anniversary and Second Annual International Summer Fishing Tournament in this place that takes your breath away, Kodiak. Not only that, but we also celebrated the 12th Pal Cheong Shik (Day of the Settlement of Eight Stages) on August 31st, and the 12th Champu Ju-ui (Declaration of Heavenly Parentism), the former along with our True Parents, the latter after True Parents had already taken flight to return to Korea at 4:30 AM on September first.

For those who arrived early, on the 29th of August, we had the very special opportunity to actually be with True Parents in a most intimate setting for Hoon Dok Hae on Wednesday morning, August 30th. Only about 30 of the eventual 250 members had arrived by this time, and Father and Mother were able to see each one of us individually. Although very exhausted from their grueling schedule between Korea, South America, New York, Washington, DC, and now Kodiak, Alaska, Father and Mother poured out all their love to us at this beautiful morning gathering. And although the Hoon Dok Hae was read by Mrs. Won Ju McDevitt, and commentary was added by Rev. Hong (?), National Messiah to Uruguay, Father could not help but share some of his deep heartfelt thoughts with us.

Father's main points:

Learn Korean -- it not only is the language of True Parents, but it also conveys a meaning of thought that is much more deeply connected to the realm of heart than any other language. The meanings of the words, the way of expression, the structure of the sentences, everything joins to make an communication that invites a sensitivity to the heart of love that no other language can duplicate.

Lineage is most important -- from the providential perspective lineage contains everything, love and life, and therefore it is most important. Humankind fell under Satan's lineage, but from now we must willingly move to be under God's lineage. We must pass this Godly lineage down to our children and grandchildren. Satan divided humanity by using the fall to cause enmity between Adam, Eve, and the children. God unites the lineage by making a vertical relationship between parent and child. From the vertical family we can expand out (horizontally) to the tribe, nation, and world.

Purpose of Kodiak -- all nations need to inherit the spirit of Kodiak. Kodiak has (one of) the four best fishing and four best hunting places in the world. Through the hobby industry all nations can unite in peace. Father said tournaments should be held in every nation three times a year; and then one grand tournament should be held here at Kodiak, with Father presiding. Father will do this, even in the spirit world. Hunting and fishing both release the blood of the animal (like the Old Testament offerings), and this releases stress among men. Much better than fighting and releasing human blood. Eventually we all do become an offering, as our death is the release of our blood for the sake of the spirit world. Our time on earth is preparation for that moment of offering. All people of all nationalities, races, and religions can join in the tournament of offering fish and animals, as a way of preparation to join together in the spirit world. All joy, no sorrow.

The 12th Anniversary of Pal Cheong Shik commemorated the first Pal Cheong Shik, which occurred four years after Father's release from Danbury prison. This marked the end of the indemnity periods of the Old Testament Age and the New Testament Age, and opened the Completed Testament Age, which is also the age of the Fourth Adam. This marked the beginning of the age of the Family Messiah, the Tribal Messiah, and then the National Messiah. Satan cannot claim the family any more. True Parents overcame all the evil rumors against him by communists and even Christians. Now Father can call people to join him anywhere in the world because of the victory of True Love. Now Unificationism looks like nothing, but in 20 or 30 years it will be the shining example for the world to follow. External appearances are not important; the internal connection with True Parents can overcome anything. Father-son unity is the beginning of the age of love. Son must walk with the Mother and make Mother-son cooperation, also. The parents are one, and the children are one with the parents.

Father continued to speak about this age as the "harvest time", about the Hoon Dok Hae seminars all over the world, raising up world leaders in Heavenly thought, even in Russia, China, and North Korea. Russians have Western faces but Eastern hearts, Father said. North and South Korea are meeting now, moving together; it must be under God's blessing, however. The Family Pledge flag is spreading all across America. The National Council of Churches (under the World Council of Churches) is opposing the Family Federation, so we have started the United Church Federation. Black Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan is making the Million Family March, and he has come to visit Father three times, very humbly, very reverently, like a child. After all these years, starting from a mud hut, Father is now speaking at the United Nations. Leaders from around the world listen to Father, admiring his work. But the goal is to reach the youth, for without the young people, all will pass away. The world tumbles into free sex, but we must pull them out with True Love through the Blessing. We must save the youth of the world. There is no greater calling than that.

We must re-build the world through the United Nations and the United Church Federation based upon Absolute Faith, Absolute Love, and Absolute Obedience. The Million Family March has been five years in the making. Would have happened sooner but Minister Farrakhan got sick. Now he is 85% well, and on this course he will get completely healthy. Father has invested in the resurrection of the world by concentrating so much on America, the one nation that represents the world. Even Japanese sisters came to America to revive and resurrect this nation. White people have opposed Father, even the CIA has been blocking Father, but many people know what Father is doing and they want to support him. Father will give a book on fishing to each nation, to help us get started in our hobby industry. (End of Father's main points.)

Fishing competition

Only True Father could even begin to think of holding a gathering of people from all over the world with the panoramic view and heart to embrace each one of us, set us on fire once again, then turn us loose to realize the dream. The fishing itself was an incredibly wonderful and joyful experience. Even if one did not catch the prize-winning fish, there was great joy in seeing a brother or sister pull one in! On our last day on the big boat, a 70 foot tender boat carrying 35 fishermen wall to wall, we caught a half dozen nice halibut and about the same number of silver salmon. One of the Korean elders started to filet the fish to make some of the most delicious sashimi I've ever had. Doesn't get any fresher than that! Another couple of Western brothers got busy setting up a charcoal grill for more salmon and halibut, roasted this time. Superb! Even made the tangled fishing lines and sometimes merciless ocean currents completely bearable. The sun shined on all of this, as we drank in the latter days of the summer.

Whales blew their geysers and danced on the waves, giving everyone another reason to whip out their pocket cameras. Slow times motoring on the big boat going to the next "fish haven" gave us time to get to know one another, to listen to life stories we'd normally never get the chance to hear. If we needed time just to be alone and think, or even to share a cup of coffee with someone, it was all there. I had the feeling that the Kingdom of God must be a lot like what we were experiencing.

God calls, we respond. We don't know what's in store for us, but each time it seems to get just a little bit better. Each time we just "go on faith" there seems to be far more waiting for us than we have any right to expect. In the end, we could all see that Father's idea to hold annual fishing tournaments like this is really a brilliant idea. Just one more of the many other brilliant gems he always seems to pour out upon us. Even though True Parents had to leave us in the dark early morning hours of September first, so they could fly back to Korea to be with the sisters meeting at Chung Pyung, we could feel our Parents spirit lingering with us each moment there, washing over us with love and appreciation, comforting us with their deepest affectionate embrace.

What a time. What a memory. What a blessing. I'm signing up now to go back next year!

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