Unification News for April and May 2000

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon Speaks in Oakland

by Bento Leal—San Leandro, CA

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon was as warm and dignified as ever when she spoke to some 1000 attendees who had purchased tickets, at the Hilton Airport Hotel in Oakland on Friday evening, April 14th, in the course of her 12-city U.S. speaking tour.

The invocation for the evening was given by Reverend Victor Madeiras of Double Rock Baptist Church in San Francisco. This was followed by entertainment from Ms. Alfreda Campbell while the audience feasted on a delicious salmon dinner.

Among the special proclamations and letters of welcome was a beautiful proclamation from former U.S. presidential candidate and Governor of California Jerry Brown who is now mayor of the city of Oakland. Mayor Brown proclaimed Reverend Moon Day in honor of Father’s 80th birthday.

The event was an Awards Banquet co-sponsored by the Bay Area Chapter of the Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP), an international organization founded by Dr. Moon several years ago.

Speaking on the theme "The Path for America and Humanity in the Last Days", Dr. Moon said, "We are in the time when all people can go beyond racial and religious differences and understand God’s providence to bring His ideal of creation into reality. We can understand and ultimately unite with God’s heart. That heart of true love will bring about the world of faith, hope, and love for which all of us have been longing."

Referring to the international marriage and marriage rededication ceremonies that she and her husband, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, are famous for officiating, she said, "It is the day of hope, when the multitudes of people in the world, who lost their Parents as a result of the fall, again will be able to meet their original Parents. Thus, the True Parents are the fulfillment of the desires and hopes of all humankind. They are the final fruit of the victories and sacrifices of good people through human history.

"The Unification Church has spread this new message and tradition throughout the world through the International Holy Blessing Ceremony. The fact of black, white and yellow people coming together as brothers and sisters—beyond differences of ethnicity, race or skin color—to form loving married couples is among the most significant signs of the accomplishment of God’s Will.

"Today, by realizing the blessed family tradition, we can recover the relationship of brother and sister, husband and wife, and parent and child as God originally envisioned them. We must go so far as to liberate God, who has been in the depths of sorrow ever since He lost His children. It is only then that God and us together can open the path to true happiness."

And imploring America, Dr. Moon asked, "Who is the true master or owner of America? It is neither white Americans nor black Americans. The true master of America is the person who loves America as God does. We continue to plead with you because God has chosen America to be the elder son, His leading nation in building the Kingdom of God on Earth. Even now, Jesus is spiritually present mainly in America, and he is offering earnest prayers that his purpose will be accomplished in America...

"The time has come. It is time for America to awaken once again. It is time for this country to create a new movement to build God-centered true parents, true families, a true country and a true world…It is time for us to unite and open the path for humankind. It is time for America, as the elder son nation attending God, to lead the way. America can complete its mission as the pilot that guides the nations to God. I ask you to stand with us to accomplish this historic task."

Dr. Moon spoke with grace and elegance, and the audience greatly appreciated her sincere remarks. At the end of her speech, Mr. Lowell Holcomb, the Alameda County Director of the Traditional Values Coalition, gave a beautiful plaque of appreciation to Dr. Moon, and was near tears as he mentioned that he was in Taegue, South Korea, in 1954 at the same time Dr. Moon was a young girl having fled communist North Korea with her mother.

Earlier in the evening, during the dinner, 20 individuals were honored by the WFWP with a certificate on the theme of "Sacrificial Service as a Fulfilling Way of Life" for their selfless service to others in their communities. Of these 20 individuals, 5 were chosen to receive a special plaque presented by Dr. Moon herself after her speech. They are: Ms. Kinga Czegeni, who helped to set up the "Step by Step Conductive Education Center of Millbrae"; Ms. Lillian Litzey, a commissioner on the Alameda County Commission on the status of women; Ms. Mirtha Olmos-Caballo, the driving force behind organizing fundraising festivals and activities to help those affected by a devastating earthquake in Bolivia; Ms. Frankie Sanders, station manager of Peralta College Television station and a lifetime pioneer for racial harmony; and Ms. Donna Smith, a dedicated volunteer for the American Red Cross.

Dr. Moon also gave substantial grants to support the work of three non-profit organizations doing fine service work in the Bay Area: The Fisher Foundation, a drug and alcohol treatment and recovery program run by Mr. Greg Fisher; The Filipino Senior Center run by Mrs. Gloria Brinker; and The Potters House founded by Maria Lyons Rheems to help shape the lives of young people.

Another evening highlight was the gift by Rev. & Mrs. Moon of a specially-made gold ring to 1 out every 10 attendees. The winners were chosen by lottery as Dr. Moon picked the number 9 ticket at each table of 10 people.

After the speech, and a cake-cutting honoring Rev. Moon’s 80th birthday earlier this year, some 150 people packed into an adjacent room for a victory celebration including Rev. Moon via live satellite video hook-up from their home in New York. There were songs and laughter, and a little dancing too.

In a way, these speaking tours, and the frantic preparations involved with making them a success, create a kind of spiritual whirlwind. It’s as if God Himself is stirring us up, awakening us, and sharing His holy word. We pray to deeply receive in our hearts the presence and words of Dr. Moon, in the providential role of True Mother, and make a fresh new determination to be better sons and daughters of God, and accomplish His will in these historical last days, which are the first days for a new heaven and earth.

Already, we’re looking forward to an even greater event next year. 


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