Unification News for April and May 2000

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon speaks in New York’s Lincoln Center

by Rev. Eric Holt—NYC

April 19, 2000 marked the climax and finale of True Mother, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon’s speaking tour of the US. True Mother has been criss-crossing the US delivering her vital message, "The Path for America and Humanity in the Last Days" to capacity audiences throughout the country. A major theme in Mother’s speech has been "living for the sake of others". Approximately 3,000 people from the New York metropolitan area squeezed into New York’s Avery Fisher Hall in the Lincoln Center, while hundreds more had to be turned away.

The evening began with a warm welcome from Rev. Levy Daugherty, Vice President of FFWPU. The atmosphere quickly became spirited and lively through an opening number from the Bethany French Baptist Youth Choir of Harlem. Mrs. Alexa Fish Ward, the President of Women's Federation for World Peace, (WFWP), USA and Vice-President of WFWP, International, then gave an introduction to WFWP. This was followed by a WFWP video entitled, "International Conference on the Culture of Peace". Mrs. Ward introduced a notable guest speaker, Dr. Gilda Alarcon Glasinovich, President of the Council on the Status of Latin American Women. Dr. Glasinovich spoke movingly about her work and experiences involving the status of women.

Next, soprano, Fang Tao Jiang, an award-winning operatic singer from the People’s Republic of China held the audience spell-bound with her stunning rendition. Ms. Jiang was accompanied on the piano by Rikako Asanuma. She was followed by vocalist, Raoul Joseph who was a big hit with the Korean nationals in the audience as he offered a version of a popular Korean song.

Master of ceremonies, Rev. Michael Jenkins, Vice President of FFWPU then introduced the main part of the program. The invocation was given by Rev. Dennis Dillon, the dynamic publisher of the New York Christian Times. Special remarks were offered by Bishop David J. Billings, III, Secretary-General of the Church of God in Christ International. Bishop Billings was followed by Margaret Buhrmaster, a prominent New Yorker, who testified about her experiences in Russia, as well as her experiences with WFWP and its founder.

Singer Mzuri uplifted everyone with her powerful and moving renditions of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" and "Lift Every Voice". Opening remarks were offered by Dr. Tyler Hendricks, the President of FFWPU in the US. This was followed by a video presentation entitled "Pioneer of World Peace, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon."

The keynote address, "The Path for America and Humanity in the Last Days" was delivered by True Mother, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon. As Mother came on to the stage, she smiled beautifully. Her face could be seen on two giant screens on either side of the stage, an effect which really personalized the experience for the audience in the spacious theater. As the speech continued, the audience became more and more involved in the message. Some nodded their acknowledgment, while others could not restrain their "amens". Finally, as Mother came to the climax of her speech, the audience repeatedly erupted into applause, until, finally, they rose to their feet at the conclusion to give Mother a standing ovation!

True Mother received awards and gifts from the Nation of Islam, the True Family Values Clergy Coalition, and from the Family Federation. True Mother then selected from a basket the number which would indicate the lucky recipients of 24-carat "Pure Love" rings. As one might expect, the majority of the audience fell silent while shouts of jubilation rose up sporadically from those with the right number!

In addition to being an opportunity to hear the Word of God, the evening was also a celebration of Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s 80th birthday. Accordingly, toward the end of the evening, a large five-tiered cake was wheeled on to the stage. Additionally, the evening was the eve of Rev. and Mrs. Moon’s 40th wedding anniversary. All-in-all, there were many reasons to be joyous!

At the end of the program, Mother presented the "Living for the Sake of Others" award to the evenings’ honorees – those persons and organizations who had demonstrated the spirit of "Living for the Sake of Others". These included: ACP Study Center for Law and Peace, Dr. Kenneth R. Hale, Ed.D., Founder; CLIMB, Inc., Mr. Jeff Harris, Executive Director; Crown Heights Youth Collective, Inc., Mr. Richard E. Green; Family Development Center, New Life Tabernacle, Bishop Eric Figueroa, Sr., President, Angela Moses, Director; Family Education Center, Dr. Carlton G. Barrett, Founder; Goods for Guns Foundation, Mr. Fernando Mateo, Chairman; Morris House/Claremont Village Tenants' Association, Rev. Curtis H. Johnson, President

Nazarene Congregational U.C.C., Dr. Elgin Watkins, Sr. Pastor; New York Christian Times, Rev. Dennis Dillon, Publisher; Organization of Chinese Americans of Long Island, Kwong Eng, President, Edward Set, Chairman; Rheedlen Centers for Families and Children, Ms. Lee Farrow, Director; Taqwa Community Farm, Mr. Abu Talib, Director;Walking with Jesus Ministry - Shelter Program, Dr. Rev. Carmen De Ponce; White Rock Praise Dancers, Rev. and Mrs. Vincent Cooper, Directors, Rev. Charles Kenyatta, Organizer, Ms. Jai Keyl Douglin, Producer.

Many national and local dignitaries were present throughout the evening including: representatives from the United Nations and other international organizations, various state and local political leaders, religious leaders, as well as social, academic, and media leaders. Additionally, a number of proclamations, awards and letters were received from several UN ambassadors, US senators and congressmen, state and local officials, civic and community organizations, etc.

Thanks are due to the many brothers and sisters who worked hard to make the event successful: Rev. and Mrs. Dong Woo Kim, Rev. and Mrs. Andy Compton, Rev. and Mrs. Terry Walton, Rev. and Mrs. Esteban Galvan, Rev. and Mrs. John Kung, Rev. and Mrs. Edner Pierre-Louis, Rev. and Mrs. Yasuhiro Hori, Rev. and Mrs. Kryz Hempowicz, Rev. and Mrs. Tom Corley, Dr. and Mrs. David Carlson, Rev. and Mrs. Bruce Grodner, Rev. and Mrs. Daryl Clarke, Rev. and Mrs. Jasup Koo, Rev. and Mrs. Desmond Green, David Eaton, Simon Kinney, Peter Van Geldern, Shizuko Kato, Lourdes Fanoga, Chris Corcoran, Keiko Sakai, Tsumiko Szalowski, Jonathan Gullery, John Arias, Mr. and Mrs. Jorg Heller, Magnus Larsson, Rev. Byung Chul Kim and the MET brothers, and many, many others.

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