Unification News for April and May 2000

True Mother in Los Angeles

by Godwin D’Silva—Pasadena, CA

On April 15, 2000, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon spoke at the Westin Hotel to at least 1200 guests. The guests started coming in at 11 AM to register, all quite eager to hear Mrs. Moon message entitled " The path for America and Humankind in the Last Days".

The program began at 11:30 AM with pre-entertainment provided by several groups, which included the Alhambra Calvary Chapel, The Filipino IBIG choral ensemble, the Nation of Islam and saxophonist Alvin McKinney. Mrs. Sheri Rueter was the pre-emcee, she did an excellent job in introducing all the performances.

The Alhambra Calvary Chapel had a group of youngsters ranging from pre-school to 8 grade. They provided a powerful Hip Hop dance to the tune of Kirk Franklin’s "Do you want a revolution?".

The Filipino Choral group sang several wonderful Christian songs. They had about 12 members on stage who sang several different parts for harmony.

The Nation of Islam performed two beautiful dances celebrating God’s love. They had beautiful gold costumes and flowing robes.

Alvin McKinney gave a beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace on his saxophone. It was amazing how he could reach the soprano level notes on an alto saxophone.

The Lunch served was very good, the main dish was Salmon, with a great dessert. Everyone said that they enjoyed the meal.

Main Program

Mrs. Sheri Rueter then handed the program over to Rev. Michael Jenkins. Rev. Jenkins introduced several speakers. The main program started with an invocation prayer by Rev. Lester Mosley; Pastor of Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church. Rev. Jenkins then introduced True Mother of all humankind.

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon then proceeded to deliver the speech entitled " The Path for America and Humankind in the Last Days". The speech was about 50 minutes long. During the speech there were lots of applauding for the many good points Mrs. Moon made in her speech.

At the end of her speech, Kendra Anderson stepped up the stage to give a bouquet of flowers to Dr. Moon.

Dr. Moon then presented several grants to deserving organizations. They included the Korean American Crime Prevention Association - President Mike S. Yoo. Project J.A.D.E. - Director Marcos Vega, Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church. Rev. Joseph Waller and the Top Ladies of Distinction.

After the main speech, over 700 guests gathered at the "concourse" room to celebrate with True Parents. We had such fine entertainment provided from Christian Ministers who gave all their best.

This victory celebration is the largest we have ever had in the history of Los Angeles. Mother sang some beautiful songs, so did Father from the other side of the country. We had such great joy at the celebration.

By 4:00 PM we finished with the victory celebration and we were truly satisfied and happy for this tremendous victory.


"I am totally inspired by this special gathering where I saw a total multitude of different races and creeds. This shows the greatness of Rev. Moon’s teaching." Ms. Janet Wylen, Vice-President, Church of Scientology International.

"Dr. Moon’s message was very profound with many meaningful insights for all of us to follow. I think it is very important for all of us in the social action field to pay heed to what this message is all about." Marcos Vega, Director of J.A.D.E. (Juvenile Assistance and Diversion Effort).

"Every thing that Mrs. Moon talked about, I can agree with. I am impressed with all the works they have done together." Ven. Subrapatnaban, Poway Buddhist Oragnization.

"I am always impressed with Mrs. Moon and her beauty and delivery of the speech. Also the victory celebration showed the True Love between Mrs. Moon and Rev. Moon really is an example for us to follow...." Nancy O’Meara, Director, Foundation for Religious Freedom

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