Unification News for April and May 2000

McKnights Release Irish CD

Terry and Elise McKnight are a vocal/acoustic duo who specialize in Irish traditional music. This husband-and-wife team have performed extensively throughout central New York State and, more recently, in the Cleveland, Ohio, area...Elise’s hometown. They met in 1978 as part of the New Hope International Choir, and have been performing together ever since. Classically trained, the McKnights studied ‘voice’ for seven years with Anita Firman of Hamilton College, in Clinton, N.Y.

Their repertoire also includes children’s music, inspired by their four children, as well as original compositions. They’ve been performing for over ten years, in a variety of venues...open-air festivals, schools, libraries, coffeehouses and clubs. Locally, they’ve appeared at the Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area, Ohio Irish Festival, Cain Park Arts Festival and at the Beck Center.

The Folk Times has written, "This duo’s beautifully rich and precise vocals, as heard on their soulfully lyrical release, ‘An Irish Collection,’ range from spirited classics to haunting ballads." And the McKnights have just released their second album, entitled "Irish Crossroads."



Heartistic music in Celtic tradition (from Pennsylvania...Aug. 18, 1999)

A more suitable title might be "Crossroads of the Heart." This CD, while true to the Celtic and Irish musical traditions, provides a deeply satisfying heartistic unity, in lyrics, harmony and instrumentation.

The singing and harmony is always ‘right-on,’ and stirs the soul in subtle and unnoticed ways, at first. You can always sense the relationship that this husband-and-wife team have--and this adds to their musical offering.

If you’ve thought that Celtic music was too sentimental--or the instrumentation too predictable--this CD will be a welcome change.


A brilliant selection of ballad, dance and lullaby (from southwestern U.S...June 9, 1999)

Wonderful! Song and music for the soul the entire family will enjoy. I can imagine myself at the "Emerald Isle" amidst the heather-flocked, misty-green countryside.

It’s a brilliant collation of ballad, dance and lullaby. If you thought Irish music was primarily about drink and drunkard, you will be in for a most wonderful surprise!

The warm-hearted sound in these selections will penetrate the soul and create in you a longing for Eire.

I will be keeping an eye open for future morally good recordings from "The McKnights." 

Anyone interested in purchasing the CD can order by phone, mail or e-mail:
Terry and Elise McKnight
337 Runn Street
Berea, OH 44017
Tel: 440-239-8607 or 8608
E-mail: TMckn75327@aol.com

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