Unification News for April and May 2000

National Parents Day in California

Sarah Isabelle Davati

On the sunny day of February 2, 2000, Christian rap-music singers called out students to participate in a celebration sponsored by the National Parents’ Day (NPD) club. The music was loud, and students were chanting unanimously with the singers.

Chaffey College is a state-funded college and has strict rules concerning Christian groups. There are many sorts of clubs in this college, including the Islamic Club and the Same-Sex Lovers’ Club. The NPD is one of the newest clubs here, opened in the Fall 1999 semester.

The Master of Ceremonies welcomed everyone and introduced Rancho Cucamonga City Councilman Bob Dutton as a guest speaker for the club. The focus was on the topic of love and commitment. City Councilman Dutton is also a successful businessman and a family man; despite his busy schedule, he coaches his daughter’s softball team. He read an inspirational poem by one of the students on the team, a 15-year-old named Nicole Feuerborn, in praise of parenthood:

My soul was planted in the/ Soil of this life by your tender hands./ Year upon year, you have tended the struggling seed,/ Watering it with your blood and tears./ My frail roots grasp into the depths of your kindness./ Dew kisses me each morning with new drink./ You have been my light, my hope, my morning,/ The warmth that cradled me when the storms raged./ Each day the fragrance of your love flowers from these winding vines,/ As they branch out/ Beyond boundaries to the infinite./ I know that you are with me./ I can feel you, as a new flower feels the sun./

The program concluded with a few testimonies given by the students, concerning ‘abstinence.’ Then Isabelle Davati delivered a talk entitled "Abstinence--Pure Love Lifestyle." Pastor Larry Neville (a Christian NPD supporter) recited the "Pure Love Pledge" for everyone to repeat; then ‘Holy Wine’ and ‘Holy Candy’ were served.

We are planning a tour of high schools in the area. We believe God can use NPD as an instrument for promoting the Pure Love Lifestyle, which is based on abstinence, in the high schools.

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