The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1997

 Table of Contents

The Way of a Man of Character (Circa 1997 - Excerpts)

True God's Day (1/1/97)

The Meaning Of The Day Of Victory Of Love (1/2/97)

The 14th Day of Victory of Love (January 2, 1997)

True Father's Directions For 1997 (1/3/97)

God's Love Partner (2/13/97)

Restoration Of True Sonship (2/13/97)

True Parents' Birthday (2/13/97)

True Parents Birthday Pledge Ceremony (2/13/97)

Our Responsibility In Becoming Children Of True Parents (2/16/97)

What is the Most Fearful War amongst All Wars? (March 25, 1997 - Excerpt)

The Way Of The Martial Arts Federation For World Peace (3/26/97)

The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (April 8, 1997 pdf)

Foundation Day 1997 (5/1/97)

Foundation Day 1997 (5/1/97 Another version)

Personal Salvation and Collective Salvation (5/1/97)

The 43rd Anniversary Of Foundation Day (5/1/97)

World Era of Blessed Families (5/4/97)

World Era of Blessed Families (Part 1) (5/4/97)

World Era of Blessed Families (Part 2) (5/4/97)

World Era of Blessed Families (Part 3) (5/4/97)

The Family Federation For Cosmic Peace And Unification And The Cosmic Era Of Blessed Family (5/4/97)

True Day Of All Things And The Initiator Of Harmony (6/5/97)

True Family And True Universe Centering On True Love (6/16/97)

We can free ourselves from the realm of lamentation (June 29, 1997 Excerpts pdf)

True Family and True Universe Centering on True Love (July 18, 1997 - Washington Times 15th Anniversary Banquet)

Prayer on the Declaration of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth (Chil Pal Jeol: 7.8. Day) (August 9, 1997 Seoul, Korea pdf)

Benediction At The Declaration Of The Realm Of Cosmic Sabbath For Parents Of Heaven And Earth (August 9, 1997)

Nothing Was Created for its Own Sake (August 10, 1997 pdf)

What will Christ at his Second Advent bring? (August 11, 1997 Excerpts pdf)

Declaration Day Of Heavenly Parentism (9/1/97)

Children's Day Speech (10/31/97)

Witnessing Sun Myung Moon's Blessing 97 photo matchings (November 1997)

International Leaders Meeting - November 1 (11/1/97)

True Father’s Words East Garden (11/14/97)

Realization of a Peaceful World by the Ideal of True Family (11/27/97)

Blessing Prayer & Proclamation of the Blessing (11/29/97)

Youth for the True Family, Nation and World (11/28/97)

Farewell Remarks (11/29/97)

Globalization and the Media: Looking to the Twenty-first Century (11/26/97)

Globalization and the Media: Looking to the Twenty-first Century (11/26/97 Another version)

Blessing the 3.6 Million Couples 36 Million Couples (November 27, 1997 - Excerpts pdf)

Cutting Off Satan's Lineage, Which Is the Origin of this Most Evil World (12/1/97)

Cutting Off Satan’s Lineage, Which Is The Origin of this Most Evil World (Excerpts 12/1/97)

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