The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1992

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Unification Of The New Nation (January 1, 1992 - Midnight Address)

God's Day: Midnight Address (1/1/92 – different version)

God's Day and the Unification of the New Nation (1/1/92)

God's Day: Morning Address Different Version (1/1/92)

Day Of Victory Of Love (1/2/92)

Day of Victory of Love Different Version (1/2/92)

God's True Love, Life And Lineage In Today's World (1/2/92)

Inherit the Victorious Foundation (1/2/92)

International Leaders' Conference (1/2/92)

International Leaders' Conference Different Version (1/2/92)

Heung Jin Nim and the Establishment of the Right of the Eldest Son in the Spirit World (January 2, 1992 pdf)

Our Portion Of Responsibility And The Subject World (1/5/92)

New Nation and New Family (January 12, 1992 - Belvedere, New York pdf)

New Nation and New Family [Part 1] (January 12, 1992)

New Nation and New Family [Part 2] (January 12, 1992)

Responsibility of the Unification Family (3/1/92)

The Responsibility of Authority of the Unification Family (March 1, 1992 - different version)

The Joining Of Heaven, Earth And Man (3/15/92)

The Joining of Heaven, Earth and Man (in True Love Glory) (3/15/92)

Joining Together Heaven, Earth and Man (3/15/92)

Congratulatory Address to International Women's Federation for World Peace (4/10/92)

The Coming of the Age of Women (April 10, 1992 - Inauguration of WFWP pdf)

Why we need to know about the issue of eternal life (April 15, 1992 pdf)

Proprietary rights in the spirit world are determined through witnessing (April 15, 1992 pdf)

Ownership in the spirit world is decided on earth (April 15, 1992 pdf)

True Family Resurrection And World Liberation (4/19/92)

The Unification Theological Seminary (4/24/92)

Blessed Families and True Tradition (April 26, 1992)

38th HSA-UWC Association Establishment Anniversary (5/1/92)

God's Will and Our Church (5/1/92)

The 38th Anniversary of the Establishment of the HSA-UWC (5/1/92)

The 38th Anniversary Of The Unification Church (5/1/92)

The Responsibility Of Authority Of The Unification Family (5/1/92)

The Dream Of The Unification Church (5/3/92)

The Dream of the Unification Church Unofficial Notes (5/3/92)

A Decade of Service to God and America (5/21/92)

Reappearance of the True Parents and the Ideal Family (6/6/92)

Completion of the Dispensation of Salvation (6/7/92)

Liquidation Or The Completion Of The Dispensation Of Salvation (6/7/92)

The Complete Liquidation Of The Dispensation Of Restoration (6/7/92)

Unification Theological Seminary Sixteenth Commencement Address (6/28/92)

First Anniversary of the Declaration Day of God's Eternal Blessing (7/1/92)

The Reappearance of the True Parents and the Ideal Family (July 6, 1992 - Rally for leaders of the Women's Federation for World Peace)

The Unification Movement and the Role of Women (August 1, 1992 pdf)

Absolute Values And The New World Order (8/20/92)

Absolute Values and the New World Order Slightly Different Version (8/20/92)

Original Restoration and My Rebirth (8/20/92)

5th Summit Council For World Peace - Founder's Address (8/22/92)

Founder's Address of the Fifth Summit Council for World Peace (8/22/92)

The Mission Of The Media In The 21st Century (8/22/92)

The Mission of the Media in the Twenty-First Century (8/22/92)

The Mission of the Media In the 21st Century (August 22, 1992)

Becoming the Leaders in Building A World of Peace (8/24/92)

Blessed Families And True Tradition (8/24/92)

Blessed Family And Truthful Tradition Unofficial Notes (8/24/92)

Leaders Building A World Of Peace (8/24/92)

Reappearance of the True Parents and the Ideal Family Different Speech - Duplicate Title (8/24/92)

Religion and the Creation of World Peace (8/24/92)

The 30,000 Couples Blessing is marriage is on the worldwide level (August 27, 1992 - Excerpts pdf)

A God-centered Youth Culture (8/28/92)

Restoration From the Origin and Rebirth (Part 1) (9/20/92)

Restoration From the Origin and Rebirth (Part 2) (9/20/92)

Restoration From the Origin and Rebirth (Part 3) (9/20/92)

Restoration From The Origin And Rebirth Are For Myself (9/20/92)

Vision for Fishing (9/21/92)

True Father's Guidance For American Leaders (10/11/92)

Strategies to Save the Nation (10/22/92)

The Principle of First Love (10/23/92)

The Three Family Kingships (10/23/92)

The Three Family Kingships Different Version (10/23/92)

Where Is This World Going? (10/27/92)

Where Is This World Going? Different Version (10/27/92)

The Comfort Blessing (November 9, 1992 pdf)

Completion Of The Responsibilities Of True Parents (12/6/92)

Through the 30,000 Couples Blessing I could proclaim myself as the Messiah (December 13, 1992 - Excerpts pdf)

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