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Owning the Vision: One Family under God (A 5-Day Leadership Workshop -- Intermediate Course)

Hyun Jin Moon
April 16, 2010

The Global Peace Youth Corps (GPYC) successfully held a 5-day intermediate course leadership workshop, with the theme "Owning the Vision: One Family Under God", on April 12-16, 2010 at the Pook ni Maria Makiling Los Banyos, Laguna.

Series of leadership workshops are instituted to strategically raise the members' awareness and ownership with respect to the vision, mission, principles, behavior, and lifestyle that the movement promotes and upholds. Members are constantly educated and subjected to different trainings in order to raise them as core members, whom in succession, will be raised as leaders of organization and eventually of the society.

After the success of the 2-day beginners' course leadership workshop, majority of the participants decided to extend their stay and continue for the intermediate course. Thirty five out of fifty students continued to participate in the workshop.

The stress of this program is the Principle of Heart Lecture addressing the momentous chapter among all chapters supported by different creative activities that made the participants even more serious and proactively interacting.

Mr. George Jarquio, GPYC Quezon City Coordinator served as the first lecturer emphasizing on the purpose of life as a top priority, for by the participants' thorough and deep understanding of the purpose of life, they would naturally feel and see their value and they would be deeply motivated to take an active part in realizing God's vision -- one family under God. He also discussed the growing period, portion of responsibility, and vitality elements which had greatly impacted the partakers and congruently kindled them to be responsible owners of God's dream.

With such unique and humorous yet effective methodology, Dr. Edmon Pacson, the National Director of GPYC-Philippines, delivered the succeeding lectures. He creatively and carefully went through all the chapters that gave the participants better insight and perspectives in life. The presentation was cleverly done but the contents were never compromised. So, though the students were all smiling throughout the lecture, the essentials of the lecture were heartily and clearly conveyed and embedded in their hearts. They readily accept the lecture and were deeply moved by its contents.

It culminated with a video showing entitled "A Determined Man", a film that showed Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon's struggles and victories as he traversed and pioneered the path of fulfilling God's Will. Though short, the video inherently drove the participants to deeply appreciate and feel his heart as he persevered accomplishing his mission from the day he accepted it. The lecture continued by presenting the founder's life course and explaining some of the movement's practices and programs.

The participants felt greatly empowered, emboldened and determined even to break they're old habits and adhere to the culture of true love, with the True Parents and the True Family as their paragon, and like them, be true owners of God's Dream of establishing One Family Under God, but of course with all available guidance and help from the leaders and brothers and sisters alike. 

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