The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

"One Family Under God" Fires Up Jakarta Students

Hyun Jin Moon
April 12, 2010

The auditorium at Jakarta's National Library was hopping with youthful energy as 300 students sporting bright blue T-shirts clapped and cheered the arrival of international guests working for the Global Peace Festival to be held in Jakarta in October 2010.

The students, from twelve local universities, were attending the Young Leaders Assembly 2010 under the theme "Let's Unite. Peace Now!" Among the schools represented were Muslim, Catholic and Confucian institutions.

The guests, who came to the Assembly's closing session, were welcomed by Prof. Dr. Musdah Mulia, chairperson of the Indonesian Conference on Religion and Peace, and organizing chairperson for the Southeast Asia Global Peace Festival 2010. "I appreciate Dr. Moon coming here to give you an inspired idea of how to become a full human being."

Dr. A.B. Susanto, dean of the Department of Economics at President University, told the students it is important for future leaders to have a spirit of service. Acknowledging the vibrancy in the room, he said "it is a pleasure to speak before such an enthusiastic audience." He left them to consider words of Confucius: "It is not enough to know, you have to understand. It is not enough to understand, you have to act."

Dr. Chandra Setiawan encouraged the youth participants as he introduced the featured speaker, GPFF chairman, Dr. Hyun Jin Moon. Dr. Moon engaged the students in a rousing call-and-response session, striding through the audience and asking if they would make the dream of One Family Under God their own, yes or no, yes or no, I can't hear you, yes or no. The unanimous choruses of yes rolled around the room, louder and louder.

After the excitement, Dr. Mulia, on behalf of Southeast Asia Global Peace Festival 2010, signed a memorandum of understanding with President University, one of the participating schools, witnessed by Dr. Moon. The MOU provides that the two organizations will cooperate on a variety of joint projects in preparation for the Global Peace Festival.

Dr. Syonanto Wijaya, chairman of the President University Foundation, told the students after the signing that the biggest crisis facing the world was not the economic one but a crisis of leadership. They could play a vital role in the future.

As co-sponsor, President University played a key role in putting together the Young Leaders' Assembly, providing 30 student volunteers to help organize the event in under two weeks. Students from the school also put on a dazzling display of traditional Indonesian dances that they had prepared for U.S. President Obama's upcoming visit.

During the day the students had heard from several motivational speakers and learned about the goals of the Global Peace Festival. They had also engaged in team-building exercises, building bridges out of newspaper to see who could make the strongest, and producing skits.

They also developed proposals for projects that they could work on in the upcoming months before the large festival event in October. Among the many creative ideas generated were aid to poor villagers in Papua New Guinea, and support for very young mothers, a significant issue in Indonesia where many girls marry very early. 

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