The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1984

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Letter To Hustler Magazine About Rev. Moon (1984)

For God So Loves the World (Circa 1984)

Love and the Purpose of Life (Circa 1984)

The Formula for World Peace (Circa 1984)

Instructions For 1984 (January 1984)

God's Day 1984 Midnight Address (January 1, 1984)

Creation Of The Fatherland (1/1/84)

God's Day 1984 (1/1/84)

Day of Victory of Love (January 3, 1984 - Excerpt)

Unification Church World Leaders Conference Instructions (January 3, 1984)

Belvedere Seunghwa Ceremony for Heung Jin Moon (Angelika Selle - January 1984)

Rev. Moon Was One Of Us (Article with photos about Rev. Moon in Danburry Prison 1/4/84)

The Purpose Of Life, Coming And Going (1/8/84)

The Necessity For The Day Of Victory Of Love (1/15/84)

The Background of the Proclamation of The Day of Victory of Love (January 15, 1984)

The center of love established in the spirit world (January 15, 1984 pdf)

Love Forever (1/22/84)

Who Goes The Way Of Indemnity? (1/29/84)

Textbook Of Love (2/5/84)

Learning True Parents' Language (February 5, 1984 pdf)

Let Us Go Over The Hill (2/7/84)

Let Us Go Over the Hill (February 7, 1984 - Excerpts)

Let Us Begin Again (February 8, 1984 - World Mission Center, New York, NY)

Words of Guidance (February 10, 1984 - Excerpts)

Heung Jin Nim's Blessing (February 20, 1984)

Benediction - For The Blessing of Heung Jin Nim and Hoon Sook Nim (February 20, 1984)

The Establishment of the Kingship on Earth and in the Spirit World (February 20, 1984 pdf)

The History Of The Struggle Of Good And Evil And Oneself (3/11/84)

Parents' Day 1984 (4/1/84)

Parents Day 1984 (April 1, 1984 - Excerpts)

The establishment of the right of the eldest son (April 1, 1984 pdf)

Happy 24th Holy Wedding Anniversary True Parents! (Angelika Selle - April 16, 1984)

Generation Record Of The True Parents' Love (4/22/84)

Thirtieth Anniversary Of The Unification Church (5/1/84)

Entering Into the True Unification Era (May 1, 1984)

A Frugal Family Life (May 4, 1984 - Excerpt pdf)

Become A Second Reverend Moon (May 19, 1984 - Excerpts)

The Day Of The Love Of God (5/20/84)

Day of the Love of God (May 20, 1984 - Excerpts)

Prayers On May 20, 1984

Ae Chun Cho -- Love Of God Candles (May 20, 1984)

Original Eden Centering On True Love (5/27/84)

Day Of All Things 1984 (5/31/84)

Day of All Things 1984 (May 31, 1984 – different version)

Father's Way (June 1, 1984 - East Garden pdf)

The Heavenly Possession (6/3/84)

Knowing Our Roots (June 16, 1984)

Testimony of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon at the Hearing on Religious Freedom (June 26, 1984)

Testimony of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon at the Hearing on Religious Freedom (6/26/84)

Testimony of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon at the Senate Subcommittee Hearing on Religious Liberty (6/26/84)

Speech of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon to the VIP Senate Hearing Banquet (June 26, 1984)

America and Religious Freedom (June 26, 1984 pdf)

True Way Of Life (7/1/84)

A Life of Living with True Love (July 1, 1984 pdf)

A Life of Living with True Love (July 1, 1984 - Excerpt pdf)

Why We Have Ocean Training (July 2, 1984 - Morning Garden)

Tuna Fishing and the Way of Life (July 5, 1984 - Morning Garden)

Tuna Fishing is a Good Basic Training for Life (July 5, 1984 pdf)

Original Way Of God's Will (7/8/84)

Talk To Seminary Candidates (7/12/84)

Unification Theological Seminary and the Leadership of the Church (7/12/84)

Prayer of Blessing for 250 NCCSA Trucks (July 12, 1984)

Statement by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon about going to prison (July 19, 1984)

The Time to Build and Consummate Our Foundation (Angelika Selle - July 19, 1984)

Farewell Speech (7/20/84)

Farewell Address on leaving for Danbury Prison (July 20, I984)

The Path I Am Walking (July 20, 1984 - On Departing for Danbury Prison)

It is God's Will that everything be brought into oneness (July 20, 1984 pdf)

Message from Danbury Prison to the Religious Freedom Rally at Constitution Hall, Washington, D.C. (July 25, 1984)

The Fourth International Conference On God: The Contemporary Discussion (8/11/84)

Founder's Address to the Fourth God Conference and the Youth Seminar on World Religions (August 11, 1984)

Let Us Bring Religious Harmony for the Sake of World Peace (August 14, 1984 pdf)

Absolute Values and the New Cultural Revolution (September 3, 1984)

Father in Danbury -- An Interview with Peter Kim (Angelika Selle - October 16, 1984)

Founder's Address to CARP Convention (November 4, 1984)

Father and Col. Pak Receive Honorary Degree (November 15, 1984)

Father and Col. Pak Awarded Honorary Doctorate (Susan Fegley Osmond - November 15, 1984)

Pinnacle Of The Heavenly Universe (12/1/84)

Experiences in Danbury Prison -- Interview With Mr. Kamiyama (Angelika Selle - December 17, 1984)

Prison Furlough (December 31, 1984)

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